September 26, 2023

Plasma radiation contains more than one pole:
The product referred to in this Article shall be amended as follows:
Now you can use more plasma power plants than you start with traditional technologies, seal seals, hulg-atsetüleenpõletid seals. If the technology is less than 50 years or less, the 90th year in the midst of the 90th year in the case of the two-year-old machines (up to 50 per cent) will be used to improve the phenomenon of phenomena. These technologies must be used in a regular manner for artificial, semi-finished, cold-rolled steel products, workbenches, metalworking and metalworking products.
Use more inches than you can have.
Plasma plasmas with metalheads approaching are also metallic. See the list of products and services that may be included in the application and requirements. The plasma must be replaced by a positive pressure filter, which has the effect of increasing costs. For the purposes of this Annex, it shall be appropriate or appropriate.
It is intended to protect the use of metal and rubber in metal, and to ensure the presence of substances and substances. Provided that the material is classified as a material – very naked, or in other cases – is suitable. In the United States, it is necessary, necessary and appropriate for the protection of foodstuffs. Trouble can be used as a butane solution. Available for the first time when the measures are valid. Replace all your options.
More than one and more of a plasma, the vehicle must be legally and naked. It is necessary to ensure the use of material handling equipment. It may be necessary to ensure that all the necessary measures are taken. In addition, this is due to the development of eel and the object of the pool.
When the material is used, it is necessary to provide material for the material used, but it is necessary for the material to be supplied to the material in accordance with the measures referred to in Article 10. More information about, that the most important oil rights and aviation have been achieved, six more important reasons have been left. In the case of unrecognized cases, the conditions laid down in Article Tank or trumpets. In the event of difficulties, there is a need for separate technical or operational elements or reactive materials, as well as the quality of the goods, if they are not listed and need to be reimbursed. It is necessary to ensure that the materials, materials, materials and materials required for the use of materials and materials in the form of materials and materials are required. The aircraft shall not be able to provide any information to the manufacturer in the area where the vehicle is located, if necessary, and if necessary.
Plasma welding machines shall be equipped with a built-in safety system designed for the purpose of using a suitable electrical device. It is necessary to provide for the protection and use of plasma equipment as specified in paragraphs 110 to 400 V of the V – and the specified electrical installation of the electric vehicle in the above-mentioned mode of vision. Semi-finished plants and long-term electrical installations. Ovládejte závist esemeid iga päev ano vahetage, mrzutost parandage, kulunud juhtmeid ega katkisi ühendusi.
In all cases, the electricity supply must be at the peak of the power supply (in addition, the power supply must be carried out when the power supply is installed). Insufficient end-of-life and inland waterway, where it is possible to prepare or consume Kaltsu peal, which is sufficient to ensure that each consignment or work is carried out. The company is responsible for the need for and compliance with the issue. If the material is fitted with material, it is necessary to use the material (as well as the weight of the material).
If the plasma cutter is properly connected in accordance with national electrical standards (NFPA 70) and OSHA standards, there may be voltage between the electrode and the workpiece that allows cutting.
Operators should regularly monitor the effective ground connection. Connect the workpiece to a suitable ground. Connect the frames of all electrical machines to a properly grounded switch, electrical outlet, or other suitable ground. Always check the installation and verify that the ground is correct. Never use chains, cables, cranes, loaders and hoists as earthing.
Defocus the light
cutter rays create intense rays of visible and invisible light (ultraviolet and infrared) that can burn the eyes and skin. Good clothing protects your skin, but your eyes need extra protection with a face mask or goggles with the right lens protection. To determine the correct lens shade, check the device amplifiers and then refer to Figure 1 (for numbers used to reduce plasma above 80 amps, see ANSI Z49.1). If necessary, install and maintain approved screens and barriers to protect others from lightning and glare. Warn observers before starting plasma.
to make something clear
Cutting metal produces smoke and gases and can be harmful if inhaled. Keep your head away from vapors and do not breathe. (Tip: To get a better view of the cutting cutter, hold your head on the side of the torch. Do not look straight up). Work indoors only if well ventilated or equipped with a respirator and other ANSI requirements.
When cutting coated metals – eg galvanized steel, lead or cadmium steel – remove the layer from the cutting area if possible. These coatings and all metals that contain these elements can emit toxic fumes during plasma cutter cutting (always read the safety data sheets for all coatings, metals and consumables used in this process). When cutting coated metals, ventilate the cutting area and use a smoke trap or cutter evacuation system to ensure a safe, non-smoking breathing zone. Use self-contained breathing apparatus if necessary.
Gas systems
Plasma cutting systems use commercial air and sometimes compressed gases, usually nitrogen. When using bottles, always attach them securely to a vertical stand or trolley. When moving or storing the roller, attach the wire guard to the top of the roller. This protects the valve system from impact damage.
Decommission the faulty controller immediately for repair. Do not attempt to repair a faulty controller. Instead, send it to the manufacturer’s designated repair shop, where it will be repaired according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Use only the recommended holes or brackets to connect the hoses to the guns. Never use ordinary cables or other substitutes. Always hang the hose on the floor to prevent it from tipping over, pedaling or being damaged. Avoid long rides or clean excess piping to prevent cracking and tangling. Regularly check all hoses for leaks, wear and breakage. Replace or repair leaking or worn hoses, cut damaged parts and seal them properly with tape in a new section. Never cut pipes with tape; a secure seal cannot be guaranteed.
Plasma cutting can safely cut metal, but you must follow proper procedures to avoid accidents. Because this article does not cover all possible safety concerns, always read the full explanation in the ANSI Z49.1 User’s Manual, “Welding, Cutting, and Allied Process Safety.”

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