June 6, 2023

Are you someone, who prefers to do business with other business organizations? Are you someone, who prefers to trade internationally rather than focusing your efforts in innovating new products? Do you think that international trading and b2b e-commerce is the most effective way of doing business? 

If yes, then you are thinking along the right track. See, b2b e-commerce is now the new way of international trading. However, before starting to talk about the many different reasons of using b2b websites for your international trading businesses, it is best to understand what a b2b website actually, is and what is e-commerce. 

Defining B2B Websites

To put it in simple words, a b2b (business-to-business) website is a virtual platform, which facilitates transactions or business between two business organizations. Now, these are digital platforms, where every transaction is happening electronically. With this, let’s move on to a simple definition of e-commerce.

Defining E-commerce

Now, in the simplest language, commerce means trade. The “E” however, in this term represents electronic. With both these words put together, it becomes e-commerce, which basically, means trading being done through electronic or digital platforms. 

With both these concepts explained in easy terms, which everyone can understand, let us move onto the many reasons for using b2b websites. See, the use of b2b websites is growing exponentially in the business world. Now, just imagine, the research shows that by 2023, the total sales made by b2b websites will reach somewhere around $1.8 trillion. While people and businesses might not believe what others say but,  the numbers never lie. Furthermore, business organizations are still slowly getting used to b2b websites, which means that there is still, a lot more room for growth for these platforms.

Reasons to Use a B2B Website

Low Costs with Higher Returns

The cost of becoming a member of any of the any b2b websites out there is somewhere between $300 and $4000. Now, considering the increasing number of trading opportunities, which these websites can bring, the cost of using these websites is extremely low. The return on your investments, as far as looking at it from a business’s point of view, there is nothing better than this. While higher costs may not be such a big concern for big businesses but, for small and medium sized businesses, high costs of becoming a member of a platform may actually, be something, which can prevent them from ever using such platforms. This is why, the extremely low costs of creating an account on b2b websites, which can help businesses in earning hefty profits can be something amazing. 

Increased Access

Yes, b2b websites are an amazing way for international trading businesses to access millions of buyers and sellers across the globe. Whether you are looking for a sugar buyer in Canada or a rice importer in Philippines, it doesn’t matter because this virtual platform is the perfect tool, which can help international trading businesses to easily get in touch with buyers and sellers and help their business organizations in making the most profitable deals. 

See, you must be thinking about how having increased access to buyer and sellers can be beneficial, isn’t that right? Well, you need to understand that finding the right buyers or sellers has always been one of the most difficult and strenuous tasks in running an international trading business for a long time. However, since the introduction of these b2b websites, the ease of access in the right circles can help international trading businesses in doing profitable business easily.

Lower Work Load

One of the most amazing things about b2b websites is, that these websites are an amazing tool to decrease the overall work load of an international trading businesses. Firstly, these websites are extremely amazing, when it comes to decreasing the time taken to find buyers or sellers of your desired products. Furthermore, there are millions of products available on these websites, which you can search and find with their simple search options, helping you in decreasing the time taken in bringing the time searching time lower. 

Moreover, most of the b2b websites provide trade assurances, which help you in safely trading with buyers and sellers, which are associated with the b2b website of which you are a member of as well. Along with all this, most b2b websites also provide amazing customer services to their members, helping them in keeping their customers satisfied by providing them with answers for their queries. Now, with so many things, which you can do easily, from the use of just a single website can allow you to reduce your workload to a bare minimum, which helps you in focusing on things that are extremely important.

Exceptional Marketing Tool

With the increasing significance and use of digital marketing techniques, every business organization, whether it is a manufacturing organization or a trading organization, wants to make good use of digital marketing. See, digital marketing techniques have helped business organizations to increase product or business awareness. Along with that, these tools also help in engaging the target audience in a much more effective manner. 

Now, with b2b websites, you can easily create awareness about your business and products in the right circles. Furthermore, creating a profile on a b2b website also helps in increasing your rank in Google search results as well, which offers a much higher online visibility to trading organizations than they had before.       

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