December 1, 2023


E-commerce platforms have completely changed the way that we buy commodities now. One such platform is Meesho, it is best known for its functionality as an innovative e-commerce platform that pioneered the idea of streamlining resales through social media networking channels. Currently, the Meesho seller panel comprises over one crore resellers. The platform has a well-organized catalogue of clothing, kitchen, home, and other essential accessories. Multiple e-commerce sellers are happy with the delivery services for their e-commerce business by Meesho.

If you want to become part of the Meesho seller community, then this article will guide you to get started with Meesho.

Steps to sell your products online on a Meesho app:

First, you need to create your Meesho seller account. Follow the given steps to make your profile:

  • List down your products on Meesho

In case you are a seller, you can list down your items on the Meesho app. In case you are a supplier who wants to join the Meesho seller panel, then go to the official site and fill the form.

You will need a GST Number, PAN Card, and a business account to complete your registration for a Meesho seller. In case you are somebody who currently doesn’t have a business yet wants to begin one, you can likewise become a reseller. You simply have to choose a product catalogue and start sharing it on social media outlets. Make sure to display pictures of items and information regarding color, size, and assessed delivery date.

  •  Begin receiving orders

Once enlisted, resellers/sellers can begin selling through social media. There are an enormous number of possible clients as well as more active individuals on social media nowadays. So once you log in to your Meesho seller account, you will probably get orders in a split second.

Resellers can likewise place orders on behalf of their clients. Placing orders on the Meesho application is exceptionally basic and simple. You just have to add the item to the cart and enter the client’s billing and shipping details. Further, provide a business number and name that you want to show to the buyer when they get the parcel.

  • Process product deliveries

When an order is placed, the Meesho support team will receive the order notification. You just have to keep the order packed and prepared for delivery. So you don’t need to stress over the order delivery. The e-commerce logistics services offered by the platform are safe to use. They ensure the items reach securely to the buyers.

  • Get paid quickly

The platform offers offline and online payment systems. When an order is placed, and a customer has made the payment, sellers or resellers will immediately receive the payment statement. Also, if there is any issue in payment, Meesho seller support is quick to resolve the problem and will attend to all the queries of the sellers and resellers.

Tips for better sales:

  • To make profits as a seller or reseller in Meesho, you need to know the app inside out.
  • Check out the For You section and landing pages of all categories to get a better idea of products available for sales.
  • Watch their tutorial videos by clicking on Help Section.
  • Learn from successful Meesho sellers across India by joining the Meesho community through its website.


Social e-commerce platforms like Meesho provide us an opportunity to earn fruitful income from our remote locations. For the last five years, Meesho has been helping many individuals to become financially independent. The Meesho app lends you a foundation to begin your own e-commerce  business with null investment.

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