November 30, 2023

For skilled positions, education is a prerequisite for hiring people in your organisation. It gives a clear picture of how consistent the candidate has been and helps validate their expertise. Also, understanding the academic profile also helps determine if their track record complements the job requirements.

Therefore, carrying out education verification is a crucial component of developing a talented and dependable team. But, you will need to avail professional employee background services to make the procedure a success.

Mostly/Majorly, employers carry out background checks only to learn about their candidates’ criminal and work histories. Education verification, on the other hand, is an equally important part of the screening process. Hence, partnering with education verification services for the candidates you are onboarding is recommended as it helps counter the problem.

Spotting Qualified Candidates

The primary reason for verifying the education details of a candidate is to confirm if the information on their resume is accurate. The job market is quite competitive, directing a few candidates to manipulate their resumes to get a better shot.

These false details might help candidates inflate their qualifications, but verifying their education history helps identify the candidates who have lied. As a result, education verification reveals the qualifications of your employees, and it makes the process of hiring exceptional talent much more efficient.

How Does Education Verification Help to utilize Resources optimally?

If you plan to skip education verification while onboarding a candidate, you may put your organisation in grave danger. This situation may get severe, and you may end up hiring someone who isn’t qualified for the job.

A few employers remark this practice as an additional hassle, but it can create huge problems later. For instance, hiring an unskilled and under-qualified employee can squander the company’s resources. Moreover, damage control takes its due course of time if an inexperienced candidate is hired.

Once you spot a gap, you will have to spend time training the person you have hired and further misuse resources looking for someone providing to be a good fit for the role. Instead of going through the trouble, you can put in a few additional hours into finding the right candidate by thoroughly verifying all the educational documents provided.

Red Flags

Education verification goes beyond the candidate’s qualifications. Misinformation is not just a misinterpretation of facts, but it also tells you the candidate’s character. You must understand and realise that if a candidate can lie on their resume, they are likely to be a liability to the organisation.

For instance, consider a candidate qualified for a role but still decides to misrepresent information on their resume by exaggerating and stating certifications or courses that haven’t been taken by the candidate. In such a case, will you prefer hiring the person who has lied on the resume, or will you go ahead with someone who has honestly depicted the information on their resume?

Some candidates intentionally lie on their resumes, which is the most significant red flag you can spot. If emphasis is layed on education verification, one can easily catch any misrepresentation on a candidates’ resumes. This way, you will also be able to hire honest and dependable people for your company.



Note for Carrying out Background Verification

While conducting background verification, it is vital to double-check all the documents. This approach applies to candidates who will be onboarded for managerial roles and to people at a junior levels.

There are several software tools that agencies offering education verification services utilise. Using these tools, you can easily verify the candidates’ qualifications and backgrounds to find the best talent for the role.


Conducting background checks and education verification should be the primary task of the onboarding process. It would be better if the process is treated the same for all the candidates, regardless of the job position or role. Adopting this approach will help eliminate all kinds of loopholes that may result in a difficult situation for the organisation, both legally and in terms of safety.

Several companies also ask for references from educational institutes where the candidates have studied. This is an ideal way to verify the candidature of a candidate, as you may get an in-person recommendation and reference check from a current employee of that institution. Therefore, ensure that you do not forget to complete the verification process before the employee starts working with your organisation.

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