September 22, 2023

A practicing surgeon created AllMeds almost 20 years ago to address the specific needs of independent specialty clinics deliberately. First, he created specialty clinical libraries and logarithms to guarantee that the EMR was operational on Day 1. Second, workflows and interfaces were developed to be more user-friendly. Finally, for crucial interoperability capabilities, communications with specialty-relevant equipment and systems were designed. Today, surgical specialties across the United States utilize AllMeds EMR to dramatically improve workflows and efficiency, minimize documentation chores, increase coding accuracies, and enhance the bottom line.

AllMeds offers specialty solutions for nephrology, neurosurgery, orthopedic, otolaryngology, pain management, and urology. However, to find out what gives AllMeds the ability to cater to such a diverse range of specialties, we’ll have to look at AllMeds EMR features. On top of that, to make sure that it’s a good fit for you, we’ll take a look at AllMeds EMR pricing, reviews, and demos. 

AllMeds Features

The most crucial factor that allows AllMeds to serve such a diverse line-up of specialties are their Extensive Libraries which provide users;

  • Protocols & Algorithms
  • Macros and Templates
  • Specialty-Specific CPT & ICD-10
  • Histories
  • Patient Information Forms & Letters
  • Specialty Prescription Hotlist

On top of this, All Meds comes with a plethora of features that make running a practice straightforward. 

Automated workflow

With AllMeds’ proprietary ExpressDocsTM automation, you can streamline almost everything that happens behind your front desk. ExpressDocs enables clinicians to complete everyday encounters – chart notes, matching codes, communications, and task allocation throughout your whole practice – with a single click. ExpressDocs offers the following;

  • Keep track of patient histories, physician findings, and diagnosis.
  • Order routine office tests and procedures.
  • Suggestion and linking of relevant CPT and ICD-10 codes.
  • Document standard patient discussions.
  • Create and print patient education materials.
  • Distribute procedure flows and order entries automatically.

Patient Portal of Allmeds

Create complete patient histories with little staff effort by utilizing AllMeds’ Patient Portal for simple, secure entries from any Internet-capable computer or device. ExpressHxTM also offers a bubble-sheet scanning solution for use in the office. With the patient portal, you’ll be able to;

  • Increase efficiency by integrating EMR and PM data automatically.
  • Eliminate handwritten forms to improve accuracy.
  • Reduce pre-appointment paperwork to improve patient and staff convenience.
  • Make your own customized bubble forms or web surveys.


With AllMeds’ integrated eRx solution, you will be able to prescribe medication directly from the EMR without leaving the exam room. With e-prescribing, you can; 

  • Reduce medication mistakes by using decision assistance tools and contraindication warnings.
  • Distribute prescriptions to pharmacies or patients as soon as possible.
  • To rapidly locate popular scripts, use specialty-specific, customized medicine lists.
  • Maintain Meaningful Use and other federal compliance obligations.
  • Make use of the individual and batch-signing functions.

Interfaces of Allmeds

With interfaces to many of today’s most popular practice systems, you can reduce mistakes and enhance efficiency. AllMeds enable you to interact with;

  • Specialty Instruments & Diagnostic Equipment
  • Lab Services
  • PACS Systems
  • Practice Management Systems
  • Hospital Information Systems

On top of all this, AllMeds offers revenue cycle management and practice management functionality as well. 

AllMeds Reviews

Looking at reviews of any product helps us adjust expectations. Furthermore, it also allows us to figure out whether a product can deliver on the promises it made. 

With that said, here are a few reviews that point out the pros and cons of AllMeds;

“AllMeds for all clinics!”

Pros: “It includes EHR capabilities, allowing any clinic to enhance efficiency and accuracy. The auto-fill function saves time and eliminates tedious data entering.”

Cons: “Customer support should respond more quickly.”

-Yao, Ernest Medical Center

“Good EHR Promising billing service”

Pros: “AllMeds software offers a lot of great features that made our practice run more smoothly. Charting and scheduling are simple and effective. I like how the system reminds you of any essential updates or adjustments that need to be done. Patient reminders have also received a lot of praise. The program is designed to be user-friendly for both clinicians and patients.”

Cons: “I haven’t had many problems with the EHR; however, their billing system lacks certain essential capabilities, which I hope the business will address in future releases. Overall, a decent EHR platform.”

-Mary, Total Billing, and Consulting

“Ease of use. Great functions”

Pros: “Straightforward to use. Integrates easily with your practice and has excellent connectivity with other suppliers. There are only a few hiccups. It has some very useful tools to give. One of my favorites, and one of the most unappreciated, is their e-fax tool. It saves us a significant amount of time and work. Patient referrals may be assigned quickly and simply right from the records, all in real-time.”

Cons: “There are no drawbacks to it. Their practice management may use some work. Aside from that, they are typically attentive anytime you have a suggestion or feedback.”

AllMeds pricing and Demos

The price plan begins at $5,000 per provider as a one-time payment per user. You should also contact the vendor for more information on monthly prices and to get a customized quotation.

Demos are readily available and you can also contact AllMeds for a live demonstration.

Final Verdict about AllMeds

With positive reviews and a solid feature set, it’s hard to say no to AllMeds. However, it’s not exactly budget-friendly. 

Lastly, if you are not from a small, medium, or solo practice, AllMeds becomes even less appealing. The price for multiple providers will increase drastically, and its features aren’t optimized for larger practices. 

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