September 29, 2023

If you need your business rekey, you don’t want just any locksmith. It would help if you had a commercial locksmith. What’s the difference?

A commercial-grade lock has more challenging components than your typical residential deadbolt, so it needs different equipment and experience to drill through. And most definitely, it’s more secure!

A commercial locksmith can help you decide which lock(s) to replace and with what. And don’t be surprised if they recommend replacing more than the lock that’s giving you trouble.

Often, it’s not just one faulty lock–it might be several! Replacing all those old, worn keys with a fresh set means a more straightforward, smoother transition for everyone.

So, if you’ve been told to rekey your office, make sure you call a commercial locksmith. They have the experience and knowledge to drill through strict security. And while you’re at it, they can help tell you what else needs changing.

1. What Are Commercial Locksmith Services And Benefits?

Have you ever been stuck outside your business with no access or have had a key magically break in the lock? If this sounds familiar, then hiring a commercial locksmith may be just what you need.

Commercial locksmith services can help keep your business safe and secure by rekeying certain types of locks or replacing those that are broken or unusable.

So what are commercial locksmith services? Commercial locksmiths can help businesses large and small find the right lock to keep their business secure, as well as unlocking doors that employees or customers may have lost or broken keys for.

They provide professional advice on which types of locks would work best given your surroundings, kind of business, and other factors.

Commercial locksmiths can also help businesses with existing locks that are broken or won’t open by rekeying, repairing, or replacing specific parts of the locks.

They can even upgrade you to high-security locks that will provide additional security for your business and deter thieves looking to break in during the night.

Why would you need commercial locksmith services? Some reasons include:

i. You’ve recently moved or are opening a branch of your business in another location:

You’ve just moved or are opening a new location for your business. That means you’ll want to get the keys and locks sorted out right away.

ii. Your employees have lost their keys, left them inside the building, or had them stolen:

If your employees have lost their keys, left them inside the building, or had them stolen, a commercial locksmith can help. They can come out to your business and rekey the locks so that only people with the new key can get in.

It is a much cheaper and faster solution than replacing all of the locks in your building.

iii. You want to install high-security locks for your business

If you’re looking for a more secure way to keep your business safe, a commercial locksmith can help you install high-security locks that will deter thieves and other criminals.

These locks are more challenging to break into and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your business is more secure.

iv. You need an expert to fix broken or malfunctioning locks:

If you have locks that are no longer working correctly or are broken beyond repair, a commercial locksmith can help replace them with new ones that will keep your business safe and secure.

v. You need to upgrade your locks for additional security purposes:

Locksmiths can help with these types of situations to make sure that you’re as safe as possible.

They can upgrade or install specific locks, such as Push Bar Install and Lock Indicator Install, to provide you with additional security for your business. 

2. Why do I need to have a commercial lock system installed in my business?

Are you a small business owner? Do you need to have a commercial lock system installed in your business? If the answer is yes to these questions, this article is definitely for you!

To keep your employees and customers safe, you must have the right kind of locking systems in place. It would be a terrible mistake to think that your residential locking system would do the job.

As a business owner, you want to make sure that all of your employees and customers are safe at all times. That is why you need to invest in commercial locks.

They’re specially designed with security features that will keep thieves out and away from your business. Residential locks are not strong enough to keep up with the security risks you face every day.

They are made for home usage to secure your private property. If you have a small business, it’s crucial to think about the different types of security issues that you must deal with to keep your customers and employees safe.

Commercial locks can be easily integrated into your current locking system so that they aren’t costly at all! You don’t want thieves to break into your business and steal your inventory.


Protect yourself and your employees by having commercial locks installed on all of the doors in your business.

These locks will keep out even the most skilled burglars. You can hire an experienced locksmith or company to install the locks for you. At I- Tech Locksmith, we will offer you our services at a very affordable price.

We understand the importance of protecting your business so call us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

If you want to ensure your employees’ and customers’ safety, then it’s time to install commercial locks!

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