September 21, 2023

The is a free website analytics service that provides a wide range of data, including page views and bounce rates. It also includes the geographical breakdown of visitors. It allows you to see the number of visitors by OS and type of device. Oploverz also tracks the popularity of keywords and the number of visits. You can also see what pages are being indexed on your site.

Popular Website Analytics Solution is another popular website analytics solution. It offers detailed information about visitors, allowing you to target your audience better and increase conversions. The site is hosted offsite and has 1.1 million users worldwide. This service is ideal for those who want to understand their website data in-depth while keeping their online marketing efforts in check. If you are interested in tracking visitor behavior, you can use HubSpot. The service allows you to target different visitors based on their interests.

Traffic History is a website statistics tool that uses session recordings and heats mapping to analyze visitor behavior. It allows clients to perform A/B tests and improve their user experience. It can also show which pages are performing well and which ones need improvement. While this is a free website statistics tool, the paid version of this service allows you to analyze up to three months of traffic history.

Google Analytics

Ahrefs is a free website analytics tool that lets you view trends and data for one domain. The free version of this service allows you to analyze your website’s traffic and see what factors affect your rankings. Apart from that, you can also check the number of visitors to your site using the free trial. A premium version will set you back $69 a month.

Best Website Statistics Tools

Google Analytics: of the best website statistics tools is Google Analytics. This tool can provide information about the number of visitors and the content of each page. It also allows you to conduct A/B tests on headlines and content. You can use these results to improve your content and make your site more attractive. There are no terrible statistics tools, and they can make your website stand out in the crowd.

Actual Experience of Visitors

Crazy Egg: Another advanced survey tool is iPerceptions. It allows you to see the actual experience of visitors on your website. It integrates with Google Analytics and asks visitors four basic questions: how their site is working, how long they stay, and what they want to change. This service also allows you to track individual pages and their reading content. The data from these surveys are helpful in improving your website’s content and retargeting campaigns.

Heat-Mapping Tools

iPerceptions: This is an advanced survey tool that gives you a detailed understanding of your website’s visitors’ behavior. Its heat-mapping tools and session recordings allow you to track your website’s performance and determine what areas need improvement. It is the best website statistics and online tool for analyzing visitor experience. Its free version is available for both Google Analytics and iPerceptions.

The most popular website statistics and online tools are Google Analytics and Kissmetrics. These two services are excellent for tracking individual visitors and identifying patterns in your traffic. However, the latter is a little more expensive than the former, but it offers more features. For example, its free plan lets you view individual visitors’ data on a map, while premium plans allow you track and filter your site’s traffic in real-time.

Final Steps:

If you are a webmaster, the best website statistics and online tools can help you determine which keywords generate the most traffic. Piwik PRO is a powerful tool that provides 100% control over your website’s data and helps you monitor your site’s performance. While these are the most popular and practical website statistics & online tools, there are many other alternatives you can try as well read more.

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