December 3, 2023

React is an open-source JavaScript toolkit that helps you create great user interfaces for web and mobile apps. It works well with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries, and it has components, which are small, self-contained bits of code. These are the ones who will receive the most attention in this resource. And the pleasant thing about these components is that they are modular and do not have many application-specific requirements. Therefore, avail React js development services from well-known software development agencies. 

Before you begin your next React project, have a look at the list of the finest react UI component libraries. We know that React has grown unimaginably and can create static proportions with Gatsby, a mobile app with React native. However, there is still more information you need to gather about the UI component libraries of React. To create your stunning application with React js, hire React js developer.

So, in this blog, we will explore the most popular React UI component libraries.

List of most used React UI Component libraries

React provides the UI to almost 10 million websites across the world. Numerous component libraries are filled with valuable design elements, while the base library of React is solid for a web app. Below is the list of the main UI component libraries of React.

Material User Interface (Material UI) 

Material UI, one of the most well-known React component libraries, gets its inspiration from a similar plan language and applies it to various components that follow Google’s Material Design guidelines. The professionals obtain access to a wide group of modest, clean, and profoundly adjustable components. Moreover, the library also includes a variety of rich, ready-to-use components that application specialists may easily integrate into their applications. Aside from providing critical components for your app, the Material UI component library also includes a set of tools and APIs to help you better your app development. If you need something ready to go, avail React js development services to provide an incredible selection of paid themes for the website with material UI.

Ant Design 

Ant Design, behind Material UI, is the world’s second most popular React UI component framework. It focuses on providing design principles and components for large business-grade apps. The professionals can choose from more than 60 top-notch React elements in categories like route, design, information passage, data presentation, critique, and more. Ant Design’s components are meticulously scrutinized and reflect their plan thinking, which revolves around four design values: Natural, Certain, Meaningful, and Growing.

On their website, you’ll find a wealth of useful resources, such as vital plan recommendations, rules, clean symbols, and Sketch modules for a variety of topics. Hire React js developer to provide a dependable look and feel for interior applications, although developers are free to be creative in any case. They also provide a mobile-friendly version of the Ant Design component library for React developers who are working on a mobile project. 

React Bootstrap 

Bootstrap is a well-known HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework with components for creating user interfaces for mobile and web apps. While Bootstrap is recognized as a JS library, React Bootstrap is a finished rebuild for React that includes the components but does not include the bootstrap.js or jQuery conditions, successfully replacing JavaScript styles with React components.

What makes Bootstrap the best React UI component library? The proper solution is found in the benefits it provides, which include full compatibility with thousands of readily available Bootstrap themes and a comprehensive list of components with complete control over each of them. 

Blueprint UI

Palantir Technologies produced the Blueprint UI component library, which has extensive experience in helping clients better understand and interact with large amounts of data through apps. The Blueprint UI React component framework has a similar philosophy for improving the user interface of all your cutting-edge data-heavy desktop and web applications.

To create such stunning UIs with the Blueprint UI component library, you can avail of React js development services, the specialists will deliver the best UI that contains everything you’ll need, including cards, navbars, tabs, structured data sources, cautions, and much more.  

Semantic UI React

The Semantic UI React component library serves as the official component library for the excellent web development structure known as Semantic UI, despite its lack of comprehensive support for native React code. The specialists can use the Semantic UI JavaScript framework to create stunning and responsive designs with semantically accommodating and concise code.


We hope that this article has given you some good insight into the value of React UI component libraries. Without a doubt, there will be a large number of React UI component libraries, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, making choosing the ideal one for your next project difficult at first. When your requirements are clear, then only get React js development services to create a stunning Application for your business.

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