December 3, 2023

Zeolearn Academy is offering on its immersive learning platform the latest Certified Scrum Master course. The Certified ScrumMaster® training Program is designed with the objective to help the participants gain the requisite knowledge about using of Scrum tools and practices and help you ace the CSM® certification exam in your very first attempt.

To take up the CSM course, it becomes imperative for you to also learn about the CSM® curriculum that covers both basic and advanced Scrum concepts.

In this article, we will be talking in detail about the CSM curriculum and the learning objectives and benefits the participants will gain by attending the course.

      I.           CSM CURRICULUM

The CSM syllabus introduces the curriculum from learning the basic concepts of Agile and Scrum at first. The fundamental learning topic will cover 4 values and 12 principles which will be contained in an Agile manifesto with 5 Scrum foundational values. The course will train you on cultivating the right Agile mindset and introspect about the 3 pillars of Scrum i.e. Inspection, Adaptation, and Transparency.

The training will be provided on the fundamental terms and terminologies commonly used such as Kanban, Poker Planning, Burndown chart, Daily stand-up Meeting, and so on. Also, the participants will be made familiar with the role of scrum master, product development team, and product owner and how they need to work together to bring in more productivity. 


The Certified ScrumMaster® certification is a formal designation which is widely accepted across industries is offered by the globally recognized Scrum Alliance that validates the skills of a successful scrum master. The credential is offered only to those individuals who demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the implementation of Scrum by successfully completing the CSM course and clearing the exam.

A scrum Master plays a great role in the progress of any scrum team that is seeking to adopts scrum principles and practices so as to reap its allied benefits. The demand to hire a certified scrum master has shot up to next level since past many years and the latest State of Scrum Report published by the globally recognized Scrum Alliance shows that more than 85% of the survey respondents have already taken up the CSM certification and the number is rising more than ever. This is the reason why a scrum master role is listed among the top 10 list of the most promising jobs on LinkedIn.

The high rate of adoption rate of Scrum has rose to at least 58% across various industries and it is currently being used by top tech companies such as Google, Dell, IB, Ernst and Young, Siemens, ANZ, Target, GE Healthcare, and Honeywell.

Now that you are aware of the importance of becoming a certified scrum master in the current time where the rest of the world is struggling to land a job, you get the great opportunity to stand out and get lucrative job roles. So, build your ScrumMaster skills and enhance the scope of job roles and career opportunities.


After you successfully complete the CSM course, you become eligible to get recognized as a certified ScrumMaster®. The Certified ScrumMaster® certification credential proves to be very quintessential in delivering a range of benefits for you to work as a skilled Scrum Master and stand out at your workplace. Below listed are some of the individual and organizational benefits that you will gain from being a certified Scrum Master:


  1. The CSM certification showcases to the potential recruiters that you have a professional excellency and you are committed towards your work
  2. It further demonstrates that you have the latest knowledge of Scrum and are up to date with the latest versions
  3. The certification certainly validates your scrum master skills and shows that you seek to hone it and strengthen it further.
  4. Shows that you have achieved a high level of precision in the implementation of Scrum framework in your organization and are working towards contributing in the creation of a healthy work culture
  5. Being a Scrum Master, you are indeed have the quality of creating high performing scrum teams that can be achieved by improving collaboration among teams.
  6. You have the added perk to command more salary than your non-certified counter parts.
  7. The CSM certification is the right step to give a boost to your career in this domain and become a successful Scrum leader.


  1. Act as a mentor and facilitator to guide the scrum team on the right agile development path and develop a healthy work culture.
  2. Learn to quickly respond to the blockages and backlogs while on the product development process.
  3. You need to train the team on the on-time product delivery of high quality that meets the end-user satisfaction.
  4. Play a huge role in the delivery of Agile projects by bringing out collaborative workflow.
  5. As a scrum master you also act as servant leaders with all the requisite leadership qualities that can bring about change and uplift the zeal of team members to adapt to changes in the right path of the organizational growth.


  1. Scrum Fundamentals: You get to acquire knowledge about the Scrum framework, and the allied concepts like its role and activities and aretfacts that are necessary to give a boost to your Scrum project dream.
  2. Act as a Servant Leader: Rise on the top by learning and inculcating the leadership qualities to act as a servant leader for your Scrum team so as to lead them while also adhering to the essential principles and practices of Scrum.
  3. Scope of Scrum: You need to get exposure to the wide scope of Scrum and its usage in how many ways so that learn the effective implementation of Scrum principles in the real world simulations of project development.
  4. Be a facilitator: You need to act as a facilitator between the cross functional diverse Scrum teams and the stakeholders to meet the client requirement by delivery only high value product releases in quicker time to market.
  5. Enable transparency: Lean how to inspect and adapt as per the changing scenario and demands of the project development that can be ensured by enabling transparency and visibility in the working of the scrum team at each individual level.
  6. Remove conflicts and impediments: You must master the techniques of identifying the obstacles at earliest and eliminating the key challenges to carry out project delivery on time by the self organizing teams.

    V.           FINAL REMARKS

There are as such no specific prerequisites that you need to fulfill in order to take up the Certified Scrum Master course. However, for the better understanding of the core and complex concepts it would be a wise recommendation for the participants to come with some basic idea and knowledge of using Scrum framework in a real-world context. In this regard the foundational course on Scrum and Agile Foundation is available on Zeolearn Academy that you can opt to understand the basics.

So, enroll with the CSM training course today on the Zeolearn platform and give a right start to your job career in this domain.

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