September 30, 2023

A person who is perfectly well today can meet with an accident tomorrow or unexpectedly become seriously ill. So, if you are experiencing severe health problems, then you should be carried to the hospitals. In the hospitals you incur different types of expenses and you should pay even higher charges if you are admitted to the ICU ward. You may not able to pay the hospital bills promptly as you do not have enough cash with you. At such junctures, you cannot visit the nearby ATM and withdraw money. If you are already a policyholder of a health insurance policy, then you are safe. The insurance service providers directly remit the amount to the hospitals and pay the expenses instantly. So, you can save your life if you are able to make timely payment. Today, you should pay your health insurance premium along with GST. Know the health insurance GST rate which is 18%.

What is GST and why should you pay GST along with insurance premium?

GST is a form of tax paid when you are buying any goods or products. It is imposed by the government to prevent cascading effect. So, it is imposed to create uniformity in tax payment.  Today, every insurance holder is paying premium along with the GST. They can get tax benefits although the burden of payment is slightly higher. At the end of maturity period, they can get even more amount. So, they should pay health insurance premium along with the health insurance GST rate of 18%.

What are the general benefits of health insurance?

Everybody is benefited buying a health insurance policy but some people should create an insurance policy as their health conditions are even unstable. Many people suffer from chronic or acute health problems and so they may unexpectedly fall ill and hence should have a health insurance policy. Even if they are paying higher insurance premium along with taxes and other charges, they can save their life.

People with chronic problems

Many people suffer from problems such as diabetes, hypertension, low hemoglobin, anemia, etc. The senior citizens usually suffer from these health problems. A person, who is suffering from diabetes, may suddenly experience back pain after some years and later kidney problems. So, such persons require dialysis later on for smooth functioning of kidneys. A person suffering from hypertension may experience a sudden heart stroke due to elevated blood pressure levels. A person suffering from anemia may feel giddy every now and then later on. So, if they face acute health problems, then they require hospitalization.

People who are susceptible to any major health problems  

If you are experiencing unusual symptoms than before, then you are perhaps suspecting some major health problems. A person suffering from colon cancer usually experiences problems such as constant vomiting. If you are experiencing problems such as sudden weight loss, then you should visit a specialist as soon as possible. So, such persons should create an insurance policy because they may develop acute symptoms anytime and require hospitalization.

People with weaker immunity system

You have a weaker immunity system if you are constantly falling ill even due to weather changes. Some people cannot easily recover from any health problem. So, such people should buy an insurance policy as they are easily prone to diseases and infections.

A person who is constantly travelling

If you are a marketing executive or a businessman who is extensively travelling from one place to another, then you can easily develop infections or diseases. Today, due to environmental threats, you may experience different types of health problems when you are away from your home. Due to changing lifestyle or food habits, you may suddenly fall ill. But, if you are a policyholder already, then you can easily secure medical treatment anywhere. The cost of hospitalization and medicine is even higher in foreign countries. So, you should buy an insurance policy if you are extensively travelling.

The Care Health Insurance helps you avail timely treatment and save life. When you suddenly fall ill, then you initially require an ambulance, then you are admitted to the ICU and are examined by a team of medical experts. Your blood samples are sent to the laboratory and your problem is finally diagnosed. Then, you are accordingly provided with treatment. So, you incur the expenses of ambulance, domiciliary, room rent, day care, etc. If you are a policyholder already, then you need not worry about expenses, but seek treatment from the best hospitals. The best hospitals use the best medical equipments to cure the problem. Some modernized hospitals are even providing robotic surgery treatment to the patients. So, when you are suddenly ill, then you can find the best hospitals nearby.

The Care Health Insuranceis useful as you can seek timely treatment in a best clinic and save your life.

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