June 7, 2023
Como La Flor Lyrics

“Como La Flor Lyrics” is one of Selena’s best-known songs. It debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in 1992 and hit No. 1 in 2013. Fans love the song, and fans have created clever videos featuring the signature hand pause and singing in Spanish. Kacey Musgraves covered the song in 2019, and Netflix has a karaoke version available for download.

Final Televised Concert Took

In “Como La Flor Lyrics,” Selena compared the dying flower to losing her love. She explained the song’s meaning in the lyrics and gave them an English translation. The singer’s final televised concert took place at Houston’s Astrodome in February 1995. The song was her last televised performance, and it’s one of the most popular songs of all time.

Incredibly Powerful

The Spanish lyrics for “Como La Flor Lyrics” are incredibly powerful. A.B. did not know Selena would die before writing the song, and he made sure to include her death in the lyrics. The songs is about love, loss, and being left behind. This popular song is an enduring tribute to her life and legacy. In fact, it has become the most-sung Spanish-language song in history.

Right Song for You

If you’ve been looking for the full lyrics of “Como La Flor”, you’ve come to the right place. You can find the translations for all Selena’s songs here. Just make sure that you read the entire review. After reading the lyrics, you’ll be able to decide if it’s the right song for you. You’ll find them below:

  • “Como La Flor Lyrics” has all the hallmarks of a pop star.
  • The song has all of the elements of a hit song, and Selena’s performance of the song was no exception.
  • Her tragic death robbed the country of a superstar. She became a global sensation in the country, but was sadly cut too short.

Mexican-Born Singer

“Como La Flor” is one of the best-known songs in English. The lyrics of “Como La Flor” are beautiful and profoundly moving. It is not only a pop hit, but also a tribute to the Mexican-born singer. The songwriter and singer A.B. had no idea of Selena’s untimely death, so he had to write the song based on her memory.

Pop Superstar

The “Como La Flor” song had all the markings of a pop superstar. The tragic death of Selena left the song in an unfinished version. The songwriters of the song had no idea Selena would die young. She had no idea that she would not make it to the top. She died at age 26. Despite Selena’s tragic death, she’s still remembered in the form of this hit song.

Most Popular Song

“Como La Flor” was Selena Quintanilla’s most popular song in English. In the Spanish version, the song is about falling in love with a man. The lyrics of “Como La Flor” are about losing a loved one and a dying flower. The album was released in 1994 and is a tribute to the singer.

The lyrics to “Como La Flor” are very beautiful and a great way to express yourself. The song was written by A.B., but Selena’s life was not the same when it was recorded. Its popularity is due to her passionate singing. The lyrics of “Como La Flor” are a testament to the power of her passion and talent.

Final Words:

“Como La Flor” has become a classic in the Spanish language. It has been translated to English by several different authors, but the original Spanish lyrics are largely in the language of her native Spain. For more information, see the following article: ‘Como La Flor’ by Selena, Icon of Latino Musicians’. In a book, this is a biography about the singer.

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