December 3, 2023

Do you want to earn six figures every month? Well, then you must take blockchain development as a career seriously. It’s one of those in-demand skills every reputable company needs.

In fact, the industry is still in need of intelligent blockchain enthusiasts with a problem-solving mindset to innovate. Companies are willing to pay up to $200,000 per year in the USA if you can add value to your skillset.

Here are the six skills you need to become a blockchain developer in 2022:

1.Solid Understanding of the Blockchain Technology

As it goes without saying, the Blockchain career track is a long one. It can take a full decade before you call yourself a ‘blockchain expert’. When you are starting out, you are supposed to have a solid understanding of the blockchain technology

In simple words, it’s decentralized as it assists peer-to-peer transactions. Blockchain is a distributed database that lets you conduct transparent and secure transactions within a matter of minutes.

You will be often asked, “Why does the world need blockchain technology?” Blockchain cuts costs and improves efficiency. Since there’s no middleman, there’s nothing like service charges.

Furthermore, blockchain transactions are fast. You don’t have to stand in a long queue outside a bank or use payment platforms that often take days to complete a transaction process.

2.Blockchain Architecture

Alongside the introduction and need for blockchain technology, you will be asked about the architecture of the blockchain. To qualify for the role, you must understand how blockchain works and the architecture it is based on.

You need to be well-versed in the concepts of cryptography, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and other concepts that are an integral part of the blockchain architecture.

You might also be asked about the types of blockchain architectures that include consortium, private, public, and hybrid.

3.Data Structures

The blockchain is based on data structures. Each block is like a data structure that clusters transactions for the public ledger. In the blockchain field, you will be working with data structures.

 Therefore, you must be familiar with the various types of data structures such as Markle trees, hash trees, etc.

One of the advantages of blockchain structure is you can automate auditing and make your application transparent. This helps in preventing fraud and corruption. Furthermore, data structures can solve complex problems depending on how well you can use them.


You can’t call yourself a blockchain developer if you don’t know what cryptography is. It’s one of the fundamental skills required to get a job in the blockchain industry.

Cryptography refers to protocols that play a huge role in stopping third parties from accessing your data during transactions. And there are multiple essential concepts of cryptography that you must understand.

Here are some important terms associated with cryptography:

Encryption: It means converting plaintext into a random sequence of bits, so it can’t be understood by anyone else but only you.

Decryption: It’s the reverse of encryption; conversion of random bits into plaintext.

Cipher: Cipher is a mathematical function that converts plaintext to ciphertext.

Key: The term ‘key’ refers to the information that is required to bring about the output of the cryptographic algorithm.

5.Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are quite popular terms in the blockchain world today. All blockchain companies use them for their benefit. With these, there’s no need for an intermediary – yeah, smart contracts are the reason why we can conduct peer-to-peer transactions in the blockchain.

Smart contracts make blockchain decentralized. And with decentralization, you always reap numerous benefits such as cost reduction in operations.

If you want to be a blockchain developer, you will have to learn smart contracts. Chaincode and Viper are two of the popular languages that focus on smart contract development, therefore the working knowledge of these will be a must for you.

6.Programming Languages

And lastly, you need to be proficient in certain programming languages. Top eight languages to learn to become a blockchain developer include:

  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Solidity
  • Vyper
  • Golang
  • C#
  • JavaScript

It’s not necessary to learn all of them, learning three to four of these would suffice – depending on the platforms used to implement blockchain environments.

The knowledge of object-oriented programming is also a must. Moreover, a developer needs to be familiar with the assortment of libraries and frameworks. The company you are interested in working for is likely to weigh these skills.

Modern-day blockchain developers also understand DevOps practices such as working in a team setting. You will be asked to participate in code reviews, write efficient and secure codes, and stay updated with emerging technologies.


Want to work for a reputable mobile app development company in Dubai that develops block-chain based applications? Learn the essentials of blockchain technology and practice until you are confident in your skills.

Do some freelance projects or get an internship to acquire hands-on experience to prepare yourself for a full-time role. The learning curve of blockchain development is quite steep but the ROI is guaranteed!

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