September 30, 2023

A Cloud Access Security Broker is an operating system that acts as a bridge between a cloud service consumer and a cloud service provider on cloud or on-premises.  

Most of the time, Cloud Access Security Broker acts as a tool for enforcing the security rules within an organization by identifying different available risks and ensuring compliance with the different regulations set aside for the organization to access the cloud-based data.

Why is Cloud Access Security Broker Increasingly Becoming Popular Today?

There has been an increase in cloud adoption in the modern days, where many organizations have used the CASB tools for their cybersecurity, data protection, and access control. The security broker is considered to be a reliable tool that can be used to stop malware and prevent data theft within an organization. It helps the organizations to monitor and use the cloud services. Different reasons have made the use of Cloud Access Security Broker popular in recent years. They include:

  • Traditional network security has become less effective after the development of cloud platforms and apps.
  • They tend to offer cloud data loss solutions and offer advanced threat protection.
  • It enhances productivity within the organizations and offers cost-effective cloud services.
  • It allows users to safely use the cloud services without increasing the risk to the organization.

How Does a Cloud Access Security Broker Work?

The main purpose of a cloud access security broker is to ensure visibility and control over the data and threats that could be available in the cloud, as it meets the organization’s security needs. The security tool works in a three-step process to deliver the services needed.

  1. The cloud access security broker tends to use an auto-discovery system to get the list of all the cloud services within the area and determines who used them.
  2. After identifying the cloud usage, the Cloud Access Security Broker system classifies the risks involved with the cloud services by determining the application used.
  3. The cloud access security broker uses the details identified in the discovery and classification stages to offer solutions to help the organization meet its security needs.

What are CASB security policies enforcement?

The cloud access security broker can enforce different security policies. They include:

  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Credential mapping
  • Malware prevention
  • Device profiling
  • Encryption

Why choose Cloud Access Security Broker

There are various reasons as to why an organization should invest in cloud access service brokers. The CASB is a great tool that helps the organization maintain visibility and control of the environment to prevent the organization from any attacks. It is also beneficial as it allows the employees to safely use the cloud services without putting the organization at any risk, especially because the cloud services on the premises before you got there continue to migrate in the cloud, and others can easily access your information.

If you want to install your business with the cloud access security brokers, you can contact the experts. Many companies provide different applications and infrastructure through the cloud for the benefit of the businesses, and Zscaler is one of the leading organizations for the services. Ensure to contact them today for all the services you need.

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