June 5, 2023

Caregivers who notice the body deformity in their child should immediately confer with the best neurologist in Karachi. The specialist will conduct several relevant tests to diagnose and disease and evaluate the severity of the condition. The doctor will guide the parents regarding treatment options that will enhance the quality of life and avoid further complications.

The condition is a birth defect in which the baby does not develop the spine and spinal cord completely. It affects bodily functions. Females are at a higher risk of suffering from the condition. Babies diagnosed with the disease require immediate medical attention to avoid complications.

What are the symptoms of a split spine?

The condition affects the vertebrae. The known symptoms of a split spine are:

  • The individuals constantly suffer from numbness in the lower extremities of the body.
  • The patient suffers from constant pain in the back of the legs. It affects the body movement of the child.
  • Caregivers can notice foot deformity in the early years of physical development.
  • The individual experiences constant pain in the back.
  • The patient has a birthmark prominent on the body or has a dimple.
  • The caregivers can notice an unusual collection of the fat in the body.
  • The caregivers can notice an unusual tuft of the hair.

What are the known causes that correlate with the disease?

The known causes of the condition are:

  • The neural tube defect causes the child to suffer from a split spine. The damage in the neural tube can be due to several reasons, such as;
  • The folic acid deficiency can lead to slit spine and related complications.
  • There are multiple factors that increase the risk of the child suffering from the disease, such as:
  • Genetics can cause the child to have a birth defect.
  • Mothers who are obese can have a child with a split spine.
  • Girls are more prone to suffer from the condition. Caucasians and Hispanics are at a higher risk of suffering from split spine and associated complications.
  • Women who take certain medications during the pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a child with a split spine.
  • Overweight women with diabetes are more likely to give birth to a child with a defect in the neural tube.

What are complications associated with the split spine?

The complications associated with the disease are:

  • The patients are more likely to suffer fromTethered cord syndrome and scoliosis.
  • The patient is more likely to have a loss of bowel and bladder movement.

What preventive measures help minimize the chances of the neurological disorder and its complications?

Women during the pregnancy should prioritize their physical and psychological health. The women should take enough folic acid and avoid using alcohol for the well-being of the baby.

What tests assist in diagnosing an individual with a split spine?

The tests that help diagnose a child with a split spine are:

  • Blood Testing: The test helps detect the markers of spina bifida.
  • Imaging Testing: Ultrasound and MRI helps obtain the images of the spinal column during the pregnancy.
  • Amniocentesis: The test helps assess the alpha-fetoprotein levels.

What are the treatments proven effective for the split spine?

The treatment options known to be beneficial in treating the patients with the split spine are:

  • Use of Analgesics: The patient suffers from pain that can hinder bodily functions and lead to anxiety. The mediations help provide instant relief to the patient.
  • Surgery: The surgical procedure for tethered cord syndrome helps reverse the progression of neurological symptoms.

People who notice the symptoms of a split spine in their child should discuss the symptoms with a competent and reliable specialist. Dr. Khalid Jamil Akhtar can provide adequate guidance regarding the cause of the disease, the treatment options, and the related complications.

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