December 3, 2023

Most people believe that it is only necessary to go for a health check when they are sick. However, with ageing comes increased risks of poor health. For example, as men and women age, their risk of developing osteoporosis, poor heart health, diabetes, back and neck pain etc increases. A number of health conditions do not present themselves symptomatically, which leads to late-diagnosis and unsuccessful treatment. Regular health checks are beneficial for living a long, happy, healthy life. Men can go for a well man check, and women can go for a well woman check which will show a breakdown of overall health levels.

Pathogenic Infections

Pathogens are resistant to the drugs, and new variants are emerging due to mutations. Some bacterial and viral diseases are age and gender specific. However, there are some microbes that target any gender at any age. The prevailing diseases include hepatitis, HIV, herpes simplex, and TB. These infections are lethal for humans because they remain undetected at the initial stages. Therefore, a well woman check is necessary for screening and creating your personalised health profile.


Like several microbial diseases, diabetes remains subtle and can often present itself when it is late on. Diabetic patients are most likely to suffer from multiple organ disorders including liver, kidney, and heart. If you have a family background of diabetes, you may have a higher risk of also suffering from this medical condition. However, the symptoms of diabetes are not always alarming, which is why they are easy to neglect.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart disease and heart attacks are incredibly common and are the reason for many deaths all over the world. The heart is an organ which works every minute of everyday to ensure blood is flowing correctly. Which is why it is an organ that needs to be taken care of. The heart will usually not present any symptoms of poor health, and often people will suffer from a heart attack with no warning signs prior. A well woman check can identify any potential heart problems, allowing you to make lifestyle and diet changes to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted infection rates are rising, and anyone is at risk of being a carrier. If you are sexually active, it is always encouraged to undergo a sexual health check to ensure you and your partner are safe from any nasty infections or diseases. In addition, if you have more than one sexual partner, this doubles your risk, and it is always best to get checked to prevent any infections from spreading.


Regular health check-ups are the best way to avoid chronic infections and live a life full of health and energy after 50 years. You are able to reduce the risk of diseases, and life-threatening conditions that can affect you and your family. Take control of your health today and obtain a well woman check to identify any potential problems.

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