June 5, 2023

It’s a wrong assumption that one needs to have massive wealth to create an estate plan. No matter what or how much you own, you should consider investing in creating a basic estate plan, not just for your future but also for your loved ones. This is a specialized area of law, and you cannot expect to do everything by reading information on the internet. In this post, we are discussing the key benefits of hiring a New Jersey estate planning lawyer.

When you need an attorney

Hiring an estate planning lawyer allows you to plan for the future. From disability and long-term care planning to guardianships, finding ways to minimize taxes, and avoiding probate, your lawyer will help with everything. If you have a minor dependent on you or want certain people to inherit your wealth and assets, you can work with an attorney to have the right estate planning documents. With the right estate plan, you can also make provisions for unforeseen circumstances.

Reviewing key benefits

  1. An estate planning attorney knows the laws. Each state has its own estate planning laws, and you need to ensure that your plan is in sync with the state laws. Also, there are frequent changes in these laws, taxes, and other allied aspects, and an estate planning attorney can ensure that you don’t miss the details.
  2. An estate planning attorney can save time and energy. There is no denying that estate planning comes with inherent challenges. There are things that you can do and cannot do, and if you make a mistake, your loved ones could be in jeopardy after you are gone. When you hire a lawyer, they can use their experience to guide you through the process, saving both time and effort.
  3. An estate planning lawyer can help update your plan. It is very common for people to change their estate plans from time to time. If major developments in your life require you to revisit your documents, your estate planning lawyer can help make those changes. For instance, if you had named someone as your executor and the person is no longer close to you, you may ask your lawyer to change the details.
  4. An estate planning lawyer can help save on taxes. Whether it is about protecting your assets from long-term care or understanding estate taxes, your attorney can be your best source of advice and information. They can also help you plan your estate in a way that you can save on taxes.

If you don’t want the family members to go through the probate process, your lawyer will help create a trust. Contact an attorney to know more.

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