September 26, 2023
Justin Goldsby

During his early years, Justin Goldsby was in foster care, living in ten different foster homes. He was eventually adopted by a family and was reunited with his biological mother. However, he soon began abusing drugs. He eventually developed gangrene, a condition that causes the body to rot. As a result, he was arrested for a murder of a 17-year-old girl, and is now serving time in prison.

Washington State Patrol Investigation

A Washington State Patrol investigation into the death of Niecko Goldsby, Justin Goldschmidt, and Avis Goldsby found that corrections officers had followed proper procedures in the case. Although the men were not related, they were kept in the same cells. The corrections staff said they were separated by last name and had no prior knowledge of each other’s past. However, one eyewitness said that the two men began talking about Goldsby’s mother and they did not try to move him or his children.

Justin Goldsby was put in foster care at an early age and began abusing drugs. He was able to get into trouble with the law when he was only twelve years old. Eventually, he reconnected with his biological mother, and the two allegedly beat her fourteen times and stomped her four times on the head. The victim died of his injuries three days later, and Justin was taken to a state prison.

Alcoholic Mother

Goldsby grew up in a foster home with an alcoholic mother who drug-abused her son. He was then adopted by a family and reconnected with his biological mother. His life spiraled out of control as he became addicted to drugs. He was hospitalized for drug use and was eventually convicted of murder and rape. Goldsby apologized to his victims upon his release and has been serving time for these crimes.

Foster Mother

Justin Goldsby was adopted at a young age but spent many years in foster homes. His foster mother, a drug addict, abused him as a child. After he was adopted, he reconnected with his foster mother and began using drugs. When he was 22, he was arrested on drug charges. He was transferred to a new jail, Airway Heights Correctional Center, where he will spend the next four and a half years.

While growing up, Justin Goldsby was placed in ten different foster homes. His foster mother was a drug addict, and both he and his sister spent time in jail. Upon their release, they began abusing drugs and were sentenced to multiple years in prison. Although both boys were adopted, they were not reunited with their biological parents until they were adults. Their foster parents are currently fighting for their release, but they are both fighting for their freedom.

Justin Goldsby’s foster mother had a history of drug addiction and abuse, and he spent time in jail and in prison for his crimes. He was so abused by his foster mother that he raped another child. However, after serving time, he reconciled with his foster mother and apologized to the victims.

Justin Goldsby’s Criminal History

Although Justin Goldsby is the hottest young actor on the planet right now, there are still many questions about his past. His mother was a drug addict, and he spent time in foster care and prison as a child. In addition to his time in prison, Goldsby also raped someone and stabbed another person. Despite his troubled history, he has apologized to the victims and their families.

Goldsby had a lengthy criminal history, which includes multiple violent encounters with correctional officers. However, his family maintains that he is innocent. After his arrest and trial, he was transferred to Airway Heights Prison. He completed an inmate reform program and has been ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family. The criminal history of the singer reflects his relationship with women and sex.

Rape & Murder Convictions

As a drug addict, Goldsby’s criminal history includes rape, child abuse, and jail time. He was previously in foster care, raped a younger sister, and had child pornography on his computer. His rape and murder convictions were revealed in a December 2018 court case. He was transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center after being found guilty of raping a woman and stabbing another girl.


Last year, when Justin Goldsby was in prison, he began having trouble with Munger, a fellow inmate. The two men began describing crimes to each other. Though the Department of Corrections has a cellmate policy, this has not prevented incidents like this from occurring. An independent investigation revealed that screeners did not know about the relationship when they placed the two in the same cell

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