September 30, 2023
Mekaar Integrasi

The Mekaar Integrasi is a process in which one company is integrated into another, as opposed to being separated. There are many reasons why one company may choose to enlarge its presence by integrating itself into a larger organization.

Negara Mar

PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) mekaar integrasi, or short PNM for short, is a company based in Negara Mar. It is owned by Hutama Karya. This company has the capacity to provide assistance to micro, small, and medium enterprises. The company provides support to the UMKM.

Number of Other Activities

Aside from providing support to UMKM, PT Permodalan Nasional Madani is also involved in several other activities. One of them is providing a capacity-building program for UMKM. Another is the nasabah-nasabah expansion. With the latter, PNM plans to improve the quality of banking facilities for ultra-micro businesses. Using the nasabah-nasabah model, a PNM subsidiary named BRI will also be expanded.

The Holding Ultra Mikro portal, which is part of UMi, is an excellent resource for finding out about the plethora of UMKM services. Besides the portal itself, there is a mobile app called the PNM Smart Hub that UMKM employees can use.

Regulated Utility of New Mexico

The national regulated utility of New Mexico is a significant player in renewable energy. It has a diversified portfolio of over 7 GW of assets derived from renewables. It is the third-largest wind operator in the United States. As of October 20th, PNM Resources had a Mekaar Integrasi Value of $7 Bn. In addition, PNM Resources provides electricity to over 790,000 businesses and homes in New Mexico.

The Merger of PNM Resources

The merger of PNM Resources and PNM will accelerate Iberdrola Group’s growth in the US. This is a pleasant transaction. Avangrid and PNM will be integrated into an existing renewable energy platform, bringing 4.1 million points of supply and a regulated asset base of $14.4 Bn. Moreover, the merger represents a 19.3% premium over the average PNM share price during the 30 days prior to Wednesday 21st October.

The government has set the target to reach 30% of the UMKM kredit rasio by 2024. This targets is aim at providing affordable financial services to the Mekaar Integrasi. Among the strategies of achieving this target is the creation of a modern skema pembiayaan.

State-Owned Company

Towards this goal, the state-owned company PNM has initiated a program that aims to provide a more efficient and affordable banking to the unbanked nasabah. This is known as the Group Lending model. It is designed to enable unbanked nasabah to become ultra micro pengusaha.

Currently, this model has reached a modal of Rp2 juta. Although, it is still considered a new way of doing banking in Indonesia. Eventually, it could be an innovative model for future banking in the country.

Group Lending Program

Aside from the Group Lending program, there are also other ways of improving UMKM kuliah. One of them is by using digital media. For instance, the use of digital marketplace and e-commerce. But 75% of the UMKM are still not using digital media.

The integration of PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) into PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk is one of the most exciting changes to happen in the financial services industry in a very long time. This synchronisation is a major boost for the country’s financial sector as a whole.

Banking Sector Overall

┬áIt is expect to create some real benefits for consumers in the long run, including savings, increase liquidity and a more robust banking sector overall. In particular, the merger will enhance PNM’s ability to serve customers in the region’s rapidly growing economy. As of the time of writing, PT PNM has about 688 branches in Indonesia, which will likely grow in the coming years. At the same time, BRI will also benefit from greater exposure to a wider range of clients and products.

While the name PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) is commonly associate with the company’s banking arm, there is much more to the company than the nation’s biggest bank. This is especially true of its burgeoning holdings in several sectors, from insurance to petrochemicals. However, one of the largest sectors is the energy and utilities division.

Some Enticing Opportunities

There are some enticing opportunities to be had here, as the nation’s energy sector has the second highest per capita consumption in the world, behind only Saudi Arabia. However, it is important to remember that while the bank may be big in size, it is still a young organisation. Hence, there is a great deal of room for improvement in terms of efficiency and performance. A stout example of this is the introduction of an integrate business model known as the PNM Unit Layanan Modal Mikro (ULaMM), which enables the bank to streamline the process of doing business, and in turn, make the lives of its customers that much easier. By combining the efforts of both companies, PNM and its subsidiaries will continue to innovate and provide innovative products and services to the marketplace.

Importance of this Consolidation

In addition to the aforementioned Mekaar Integrasi, the PNM has also branched out into other related industries, such as telephony, insurance and telecom. To illustrate the importance of this consolidation effort, it has commissioned a new research project, dubbed the PNM Smart Services (PSS) to investigate the role of technology in the sector. The results will be a wealth of information, which in turn will help the bank sculp up its own technology offerings.

Final Words:

Indeed, the most important part of this collaboration is that both parties are working together to provide quality products and services to their respective markets. Moreover, the bank and its subsidiary have significantly contributed to the nation’s overall swell in economic output. Specifically, the PNM has partnered with a wide variety of reputable companies, including PT Pegadaian, PT Permodalan Usaha Mikro, PT Pembangunan Dagangan Republik Indonesia (PDRI), PT Prama Parma Republik and PT Aman Republik, among others.

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