March 31, 2023

When I say the word ‘luxury’, the first thing that pops into your mind is that everything reaches you while you sit at your comfort. Everything around you that you lay your eyes upon must be attractive and grand. So, when we talk about luxurious homes, what will be its ideal definition?
Well, talking about luxurious homes, it is the extraordinary features in the homes that differentiate them from ordinary homes. The luxury home builders Melbourne have changed the definition of luxurious homes with these top 6 features.

  1. Strict home security
    Luxury homes in Melbourne are highly secure with updated technology. It is a common fact that a luxurious home looks beautiful but attracts negative attention too. The high-end societies are majorly the target for burglaries.
    In such a situation, you need strict home security. The security system should have all the features to detect any unwanted person or activity. There should be 4K video surveillance cameras, night vision cameras that are capable of advanced zooming functionality.
    To add to your security, you must also install smart security systems so you can lock and unlock doors with a click on your phone or PC.
  2. Smart Home features
    Just like you made your phones smart, you can also make your homes smart. Are you wondering how it is possible? With smart technology, you can control your home even when you’re out at work.
    These features include a security system with constant monitoring, security cameras that are connected to the internet, sensor-based or automated lightings, automated curtains that work on the movement of the sun, smart appliances for easy error detection, and many more.
    All these features are well-integrated to your home and you can control them with a remote. Some of these features are also automatic or operate on voice commands.
  3. Luxury Bathrooms
    While we don’t stay in bathrooms for a long period of time, doesn’t mean you’ll keep it ordinary. When the entire home is filled with luxurious features, an ordinary bathroom can ruin the grandeur.
    You can find spa facilities in luxurious bathrooms. Apart from this, you’ll find bathtubs, modern décor, smart lighting, saunas, touch screen mirrors, steam rooms, marble countertops, and a lot more in the luxurious bathrooms.
  4. Dream kitchen
    What is a luxury home without a spacious kitchen? The dream luxurious kitchen must be equipped with premium appliances like double ovens, heating drawers, butler’s pantry, kitchen islands, huge refrigerators, custom cabinetry, a heavy storage facility, and a lot more.
    A butler’s pantry means a walk-in pantry with extra storage for groceries and kitchen items. In a luxurious home, you definitely don’t expect the kitchen to run out of any ingredients.
  5. Home theatre room
    If you can afford it, wouldn’t you like to book a theatre for yourself? Elite people do not sit with ordinary people in theatres to watch movies. What do they do then?
    Luxury homes have this feature of a home theatre room. This means an entire room is turned into a theatre. There are roll-out TVs, recliner seats, smart lighting, and all the other premium equipment. These things are placed in a manner that you get the theatre vibe while you’re sitting at your home.
  6. Walk-in wardrobes
    In average homes, you need to adjust the wardrobes looking at the space. But in luxury homes, when the space is so huge, will you want something that has to be adjusted? No, right?
    Walk-in wardrobes give your room a grand look. It makes your room look right out of a fairytale. You’ll find these wardrobes usually linked to bedrooms. They flaunt your collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything you own. The best part is- your room still looks spacious. These wardrobes are exclusive to luxurious homes because of their functionality and aesthetics.
    Over to you… mentions that in the fourth quarter of 2020, luxury sales were 17% higher. By this figure, it is easy to understand that the demands of people are increasing. Like said before, the definition of luxury varies from person to person.
    Hence, it is always advisable to get guidance from designers who have been working in the field for a long time. They can easily turn your expectations into a reality.

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