June 6, 2023

Many students find essay writing to be a difficult task. Although essays entail writing a sequence of paragraphs, expressing oneself correctly can be difficult. Knowing how to obey the guidelines will help one’s work stand out from the crowd. Because there are many different sorts of essays, the most common ones are listed here, along with the principles to follow in order to write a successful essay. An article is written for publication in a newspaper, magazine, journal, or reference book. This merely signifies that the piece is intended for the society’s educated elite and those in the know. As a result, the writer selects his words carefully, knowing that whatever he or she writes will be public knowledge. The five-paragraph essay, on the other hand, is intended for students and academics.

It is the preferred writing style for students and the most effective method for arranging thoughts, particularly during exams.

Furthermore, unlike the five paragraph essay, which is based on a personal point of view, an article is based on facts and truth. The writer of an essay does so based on his or her vast expertise.


This sort of essay focuses on the writer’s reaction to an idea. The essay begins with a statement or a question, which the writer responds to by expressing his viewpoint on the subject. A succession of evidences or facts supporting the argument back up the opinion. The writer would then create a brief and unambiguous conclusion to the work. A writer’s perspective on an event, humanity, and even politics are examples.

The Relationship Between Cause and Effect

The easiest sort of essay is the cause and effect, which is concerned with supplying readers with the cause and effect or final result. This type helps authors to hone their organisational skills while also discussing topics that they are passionate about. The essay begins with the writer debating either the cause or the effect, or both. The body would then give supporting data, such as incidents that lead to the cause or consequence. Environmental and civil or human rights are two topics that are frequently covered in this essay form.


Persuasive essays are written to persuade readers to agree with the writer’s point of view on a topic. In a persuasive essay, authors must decide whose side of the debate they wish to support. To ensure that the notion being presented is supported, evidence must be explicit. Be logical and objective in your approach. Include facts, statistics, and expert remarks to help solidify the concept; however, don’t go overboard with them as they may tyre the audience. Drugs, health, gun control, and other contentious issues are among the most popular themes.


Narrative essays are similar to storytelling in that they are frequently written in the style of a storey, presenting readers with a specific storyline that includes characters, a setting, a climax, and a conclusion. A more advanced type of narrative essay contains a discussion of the writer’s point of view as well as the objective for which the paper was produced. The story’s details both support and clarify the protagonist’s point of view. A person’s life, success tales, and adventures are all popular topics.

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