November 30, 2023

The availability of various mobile applications is one of the primary reasons behind the massive growth of the smartphone industry. These mobile applications are packed with multiple features and give unique utilities to the users.

From food delivery to e-commerce stores, mobile applications proved their value in all niches of business. And made themselves vital for the growth of companies.

You are already running your repair shop through repair shop software, so it is inevitable for you to augment your business through a mobile app.

Why a mobile application?

Mobile apps offer an incredible array of advantages and benefits for businesses. For example, you can conveniently create and update repair tickets. Can take customer signatures, add payment methods, and so much more through your mobile phones.

Above all, your technicians can use a mobile app for onsite repair services.

All these intelligent ways help you to grow your customer base and generate more revenue. So, if your repair business still doesn’t have a mobile app, you need to get it now.

You can add new features and services to your mobile application and can enhance the customer experience. Following are few modules you can add to the application of your mobile repair shop.

Create and update repair tickets

You can make it convenient for your employees to generate and update tickets on run time. For example, creating repair tickets through a mobile app is a convenient option for your field technicians. They can visit customers and do a repair job on the go.

You can also easily edit tickets after creating them as you do it through your POS software.

Upload pre/post repair attachments

While creating and updating a ticket, you can give options to users to upload additional diagnostic notes and other attachments. They can easily do this through a mobile app.

These attachments are usually the images of the device or documents related to the device. Make it convenient for users to take pictures directly or use the gallery to upload images.

Collect signatures before and after a repair

With the help of the mobile application, users can have customers sign on repairs before and after their completion. Collecting signatures through an app is as easy as on the customer-facing display.

You can collect customers’ signatures with the help of any capacitive stylus or Apple Pen, compatible with Android and Apple devices.

It will make it convenient for you to get authorization for every repair. And you can review it anytime through your mobile phone.

Create and updating invoices

Your mobile app should be efficient enough to allow users to create and update invoices. For example, when a repair is completed, and payment is due, there is a need to generate an invoice.

Your repair shop app can provide this facility to create email invoices for the customers. And they can quickly pay without any inconvenience.

Add payments for repairs

Mobile app can also allow users to select and add a payment method for every repair. There are multiple payment methods. So you can easily choose and apply it to your repair.

Isn’t it more convenient for you and your customers?

Analyze reports

With a mobile app, it is also convenient to check your performance reports. You don’t have to log in to the account of your repair shop software to check daily or weekly performance reports of your business.

You can get updates about sales, taxes, employees, inventory, and customers through an app. Then, you can easily use these reports to draw a comparison and make an analysis.

Push Notifications

The mobile app of your repair shop software will give you instant notifications about the operations of your repair shop. It is like having your POS software in your hands. You and your employees can quickly get information on your mobile phones whenever

·         A repair job is assigned to a worker

·         The due date for a repair ticket is passed

·         Someone adds a diagnostic note.

·         Someone updates the due date of a repair.

So it is imperative to have a mobile app for your business. It will keep you posted all the time.

Monitor your employees

Employee management can never be this convenient. Your employees can easily log in to their account and mark their attendance through their mobile phones by using a mobile app.

Similarly, you can also view their reports. So, again, it will make it convenient for your employees. And you can also keep track of their performance.

Manage your inventory

Mobile application helps you to handle your inventory while you are on the move. For example, you can easily add the number of items that have just reached your shop.You can also shelf the frequently sold items.

It also allows you to keep track of all the items available in your inventory. So you exactly know what and when you have to order more.

For instance, a POS software, RepairDesk, allows customers to get inventory from their vendors like MobileSentrix. Similarly, by using their mobile app, you can monitor and manage your inventory.

Through a mobile app, you can smartly run your business. Your app must be available for both Android and iOS devices. And make your life easy. It will enhance your experience of running your business through cell phone repair shop software.

Mobile app is the ultimate solution and gives more power to your business. You can enjoy the freedom to roll around your shop while managing your shop at the same time.

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