December 1, 2023
Chew Bakka

How Peter Mayhew Nailed The Roles of Chew Bakka? is a fascinating study of the actor’s life. Born in Britain, Mayhew was cast in a previous movie as a Minotaur and was discovered by producers through a newspaper article. After accepting the role, he received numerous acting offers and auditions and eventually landed the role of Chew. As a result of this, he decided to pursue acting professionally.

Variety of Careers

Before he got the role of the beloved Chew Bakka, the British-American actor had a variety of careers. Before becoming a star, he was a deputy head porter at a hospital in London. He was fired after a few weeks because of a varying shooting schedule at the Elstree Studios. After the filming, Mayhew was hired again.

Before playing the character of Chew Bakka, Mayhew had never acted professionally. Instead, he worked as an orderly at a hospital in Surrey, England. He remained there even after filming the original trilogy. His wife, Mary Angelique Luker, a native of Boyd, Texas, had three children with Mayhew. His wife, Mary, is the director of his namesake charity.

Commercials & Hospital Appearances

Peter Mayhew’s path to becoming a Star Wars star was filled with lucky breaks. While working at his day job, he was also involved in commercials and hospital appearances. In addition to playing Chew Bakka in the films, he also appeared in commercials and hospital visits for sick kids. He later joked with the producer that he didn’t get a medal at the Star Wars ceremony, referring to Luke and Han gaining their awards. However, his wife, Mary Angelique Luker, suggested a screen test for the role, and he kept his day job.

Despite his acclaim as the voice of Chew Bakka, Peter Mayhew was a part-time actor. He had little screen time, but his height helped him land the role. As a result, he enjoyed a hectic career and a devoted following. Afterward, he made several cameos in fan films.

Long-Term Commitment

The role of Chew Bakka was a long-term commitment for Mayhew. He was a true star of the Star Wars franchise for 40 years, and his wife was his life partner. She worked as a hospital deputy, and she was the first to hire him as Chewbacca. After the production wrapped, she was hired back to play the beloved character.

Before A New Hope, Mayhew had no acting experience. He was a hospital orderly in Surrey, which he held for three years. After A New Hope, he continued to work in his job until the filming was over. Despite the success of his role, he was not able to find a stable job. He eventually landed a job as a body double, and his position was confirmed for the following two films of the series.

Non Profit Organizations

Peter Mayhew was a part-time actor when he was cast as Chewbacca. He was cast as the character because of his height and was a great fit for the part. In addition to his role as the beloved Chewbacca, Mayhew also wore half a ton of yak hair and several nonprofit organizations. His namesake foundation helped raise money for charities.

In addition to his role as Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew also made several commercials and hospital appearances. His hometown, Granbury, Texas, is where he grew up, so he had plenty of time to hone his character’s voice. However, the role of Chew Bacca was not his first significant movie role. Instead, it was a character that he was interested in.


The actor’s Wookiee-like sounds are very realistic. Fortunately, he recorded his brown bear growls, which were then later used to record his Wookiee sound effects in the film. Thankfully, this was a very successful collaboration between the actors. The film also featured music by Jefferson Starship and Diahann Carroll read more.

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