September 30, 2023

The Yocan Apex Mini vaporizer is a discreet and attractive wax pen vaporizer that can be used to produce vapor from wax or concentrates. It can be used with either wax or concentrates. Dual Quartz Yocan Apex Mini coils are employed to preserve the purity of the product since they keep the unique flavors of the product while also reducing vapor production. The Apex Mini wax pen vaporizer, often known as the Apex Mini, is a smaller version of the original Apex wax pen vaporizer. 

The Yocan Apex Mini is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 380mAh, and it has changeable voltage settings that include 3.4V (for white light), 3.8V (for blue light), and 4.2V (for red light) (Green Light). When it comes to practical differences between Apex and other wax pens, the way the Apex line heats the coil of the pen is the most important. Whenever the Apex pen is used for more than four seconds, the voltage drops to 2.5V and then rises back up to the voltage level you have set it to regularly. To keep the taste, this fluctuation should enable the flavor components to linger in the tongue for a longer amount of time.

 YOCAN APEX MINI characteristics:

The following are some of the characteristics of the YOCAN APEX MINI:

  • The product is referred to as the Wax Vape Pen.
  • The Capacity of the battery is  380 milliamp hours. 
  • When it comes to connecting the battery, the 510 thread is utilized.
  • It is advised that you utilize a wattage range of 10-12W [exceeding this may cause harm to the coil].
  • The Wattages of vape which are available are from 3.4V to 4.2V.
  • The coil has a resistance of 0.8 ohms. It is necessary to employ dual quartz coils in the building of the coils.
  • Overheating of the mouthpiece is prevented by the use of a coil cap.
  • Control is accomplished via the use of a single button.
  • If you want to change the voltage then you have to press three consecutive clicks are required to change the voltage setting.
  • For unlocking Five consecutive clicks [Lock / Unlock] are necessary for kid protection. 
  • For overtime protection, eight successive blinks [after the ten-second safety cut-off] are necessary.
  • When the battery voltage falls below a specified level, the low voltage safety light blinks 10 times in a row [indicating that the battery should be recharged]. 
  • For the blinks which are 3 Consecutive Blinks [Bad Coil] to signify short-circuit protection. 


The following features are included with the Yocan Apex Mini:

  • The Coil has add additionally for the  QDC.
  • Always Choosing a Picking Instrument
  • The packing includes the 1 x USB Charging Cable.
  • The user’s manual is available online


Overcharging is prevented by the following measures:

  1. Charging using an AC-USB adapter at 5V/0.8A is the ideal approach.
  2. Charging takes place using a Micro-USB connector.
  3. It is 125 millimeters tall
  4. The diameter is 19mm.
  5. The weight of the pen is 100 grams.


The following features are included with the Yocan Apex Mini:

  • The Coil has add additionally for the  QDC.
  • Always Choosing a Picking Instrument
  • The package of apex pens includes the 1 x USB Charging Cable.
  • The user’s manual is available online

How to Use apex Vape Pen?

Vape pens have grown in popularity among cannabis consumers because of their portability and near-total absence of tobacco smoke. Their simplicity and ease of use will be appreciated by first-time users. Our guide to oil cartridge vape pens covers everything you need to know about them, from how to store and clean them to how to charge and use them.

We should start by defining “vape pen” in layman’s terms. Vape pens, which vaporize medicines like marijuana and nicotine while in use, are powered by batteries. For many users, the discreetness and ease of refilling make vaporizers, also known as vape pens, a preferred method of inhalation. Smokers with years of experience and those who have never had a cigarette will appreciate its versatility and possibilities for customization.  Several advantages.

Several advantages.

Because they don’t use a flame or an ignition, vape pens are a healthier and more environmentally friendly option than regular cigarettes.

Vape pens are suitable for inconspicuous usage because of their thin shape and absence of odor.

What Is the Best Way to Use a Vapor Pen?

In most vape pens, you’ll find the following parts:

  • The battery is the pen’s longest component as well as its primary source of electrical power.
  • The heating chamber/atomizer is where the oil is heated and evaporated during the distillation process.
  • Your mouthpiece draws the vapor into your lungs when you exhale.
  • To recharge your vape battery, you’ll need to use the charger, which plugs into a micro USB connection on your pen.
  • The oil in a vape pen is heated in the heating chamber and then exhaled via the mouthpiece as a vapor.

How to Fill apex Pen?

Pre-filled oil cartridges allow you to refill your vape pen quickly and easily. To replace it, just remove the old one and screw in the new one clockwise until it clicks into place. After that, you’re all set!! If you overtighten the cartridge, it might be ruined.

When a vape pen is fully charged, it may be used right away. Vape pens with on/off buttons are also available. These may be used to change the vapor’s temperature. However, to use most button-operated vape pens, the user must click them five times for them to turn on. You must push and hold the button while inhaling to warm the chamber.

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