June 7, 2023

The New Year is almost here. With it comes new resolutions that intend to make lives better in 2022. And for many, New Year resolutions mean losing excess fat and becoming healthier.

But whether losing weight is part of your New Year’s resolution or it has always been your goal, it’s time to make it a reality. The best way to do it is by taking fat burning supplements. These pills can burn stubborn fats and make you shed extra weight effectively.

But before you pick the suitable fat burning supplement that will jumpstart your weight loss journey, you need to know what ingredients to look for. And here, you will know the most effective ones that should make up your pills.

Green Tea

As one of the most popular weight loss supplements, green tea is a powerful antioxidant and is excellent at increasing metabolism. Thus, it can burn fat and utilize it more effectively for energy. Studies suggest that green tea helps prevent obesity.

But apart from its fat-burning properties, green tea also has numerous benefits to man. These include improving blood flow and decreasing bad cholesterol.


Popularly known as a stimulant, caffeine blocks the effect of a brain chemical called adenosine, which causes tiredness. But, more importantly, it can burn more calories, helping people lose weight more effectively.

Unfortunately, some people are allergic to caffeine. In this case, they can use other supplements with different fat burning ingredients found in this list.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Many studies show how effective cayenne pepper is in losing weight.

In one study, cayenne pepper extract shows increased fat burning because of thermogenesis. This process is caused by capsaicinoids, which cayenne pepper contains naturally. Moreover, capsaicin also reduces appetite, making you achieve weight loss better.


L-theanine is an amino acid with anti-obesity effects because of the savoury taste it creates. This taste, also referred to as umami flavour, is suggested to suppress appetite. Thus, it can help reduce weight better and is found in some plant and fungal species like black tea and mushrooms.


Although forskolin is more popular as a treatment for asthma, it is now commonly used for weight loss and muscle building. Research revealed that forskolin creates the lipase and adenylate cyclase – enzymes that release fatty acids from cells, allowing them to be used as energy.

However, unlike other fat burning ingredients, forskolin is better because it does not affect muscle mass. It also helps build lean muscles.

Raspberry Ketones

As one of the most recent fats burning discoveries, raspberry ketones are revealed to metabolize fat more effectively. This, in turn, lets your body burn fat and reduces fat accumulation, which helps you lose weight.

Losing weight can be a challenge. But nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it. And of course, with fat burning supplements, you will surely rid your body of extra fat and lose unwanted weight.

And when you couple your weight loss supplements with a healthy diet and exercise, achieving the best version of yourself is easily attainable. So, ensure you take the right supplement with the best ingredients. Then, you will meet your New Year’s resolution and reach your goal.

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