September 22, 2023

India is showing a hike in the number of smartphone users and the count is estimated to reach about 900 million users by 2022. 95% of smartphone users send and receive SMS texts as SMS is one of the cost-effective methods to reach your audience. Therefore, businesses, brands, and companies in India are using SMS marketing to promote their goods and services through bulk SMS services.

In India, thousands of bulk SMS service providers are sending free bulk SMS to help brands and businesses.  Now, the question is how to get a free bulk SMS service in India and how to choose your SMS service provider among the best SMS providers in India?

SMS service has become a part and parcel of many businesses. But in the present scenario, many SMS service providers have changed the tariffs system. So, small businesses may not get the benefit from bulk sales opportunities.

But don’t worry. Free bulk SMS providing software is present in the market. These software systems allow companies and brands to promote their goods and services and to reach their targeted customers through multiple SMS texts.

Let’s discuss how to get a free bulk SMS service in India with the help of free and open-source bulk SMS tools.

Free Bulk SMS Service Providing Tool

#1. Servetal

Servetal, the bulk SMS software, offers cost-effective, handy, and innovative cloud solutions to your business. Servetal offers all the essential tools that are needed to run your business smoothly over text messages. The special features of Servetal, which make it distinguished from other software, are its easy approval of KYCs, panel delivery, detailed reports, and active call tabs. Freelancers, agencies, enterprises, and start-ups can easily use this software for their business purpose.

Why Choose Servetal?

  • Servetal software provides CRM and other third-party application integration.
  • Servetal offers cloud telephony solutions with free bulk SMS service.
  • It provides hassle-free and enhanced customer support over chat and SMS at every step.
  • You will get high-quality SMS service with minimum cost investment.
  • The technology along with business intelligence allows you to track the overall analytics.
  • There is an important feature called call-routing that helps the business to reach potential customers quickly and easily.
  • Servetal offers a huge number of virtual numbers from which you can pick the number of your choice.
  • This software supports the IVR system and API integration.

#2. My SMS Mantra

My SMS Mantra is free software that provides bulk SMS service. It sends promotional as well as transactional messages and offers to customers. This software has high-level functionality, zero complexity, and easy to use interface. My SMS Mantra provides high-quality messaging services across borders. Its latest technology, real-time delivery status, user-centric approach, cost-effective plans, and 24×7 customer support encourage big scale enterprises as well as small business owners.

Why Choose My SMS Mantra?

  • It is designed to deliver millions of SMS instantly.
  • To reduce load and deliver SMS quickly, this software uses several operator routes with direct connection.
  • This software sends personalized SMS based on customers’ data.
  • You can check the SMS delivery report on easy to use dashboard.
  • You can send SMS from a mobile device.
  • This platform is effective for small businesses also because this software is cost-effective.
  • It can map SMS templates that the DLT platform supports under your Entity Id.
  • You can send Unicode SMS to a regional and national audience.
  • Send bulk SMS to your customers directly from your excel sheet.
  • A high-speed SMS gateway is its special feature for which customers prefer it to other software.

#3. SMSIndiaHub

SMSIndiaHub is an economical, reliable, and simple bulk SMS service provider. You can promote your products and services through this software. It sends SMS in a group with the help of a bulk SMS gateway. To make your business digitally active, this software creates SMS marketing campaigns with several follow-up sequences. Moreover, there is a two-factor authentication SMS system that is a security verification process. You can send SMS with SMSIndiaHub through multiple ways namely through web UI, SMS API, Excel Plugin, WP plugin, Magento Plugin, Android.

Why Choose SMSIndiaHub?

  • This software allows businesses to communicate with customers across 195+ countries without any hassle.
  • This software is supported by a unified API.
  • This global cloud-based platform provides service to enterprises and is fixed for 99.9% uptime and consistency.
  • Customer support throughout the day is an important feature of SMSIndiaHub.
  • SMSIndiaHub offers a unique short URL for every customer.
  • Auto Repeat is an option that helps you to stay connected with the target audience.
  • This software manages bulk SMS campaigns through Drip SMS marketing.
  • Easy tracking options of your short URLs help you to convert customers to potential customers.

#4.Logon Utility

Logon Utility, one of the most important bulk SMS service providers in India, creates business lead generation. You can grow your business with the lead generation strategies of Logon Utility. An important feature of this software is that it keeps sensitive information safe from illegal access. This system keeps Logon Utility ahead of other competitors. You can send personalized SMS through this bulk SMS service provider across the globe. The entire system is based on an API key system that identifies an authentic user.

Why Choose Logon Utility?

  • Logon utility bulk SMS software is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It can send personalized SMS in multiple languages to different regions of India and around the world.
  • Promotional and transactional SMS are delivered instantly.
  • The software follows a simple process that is just log in, compose and deliver the text message.
  • It gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • It is cost-effective and so, it offers profitable rates for resellers.

#5. Fast2SMS

Another significant free bulk SMS service provider is Fast2SMS. Fast2SMS sends promotional and transactional SMS, can import customer lists from your excel file, give future reminders and send API SMS. This software has been working as a bulk SMS provider since July 2011. About 2 million users get benefitted from its service. Simplicity and instant delivery are their first and foremost objectives.

Why Choose Fast2SMS?

  • It is specialized in DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology ) SMS.
  • The QR codes option is available here.
  • Message scheduling is a great advantage of this app.
  • This software supports Unicode with Multilanguage.

#6. TextLocal

Another most sought-after bulk SMS service provider is Text Local. This software aims at increasing your sales keeping in mind customer satisfaction. Instant delivery, Drip message campaigns, and two-way interactions are their special features. Text Local not only provides services to large businesses but also helps small businesses to sustain and to increase sales. A UK-based company Text Local in collaboration with IMI Mobile has entered the Indian Market.

Why Choose Text Local?

  • This software sends personalised bulk SMS with several merge fields.
  • It supports Unicode with more than 15 regional languages.
  • This app has the auto-scheduling option which schedules messages.
  • Text Local sends MMS with images, weblinks, surveys, etc.

#7. Atomic SMS Sender

One of the best bulk SMS senders in India is the Atomic SMS sender. This app sends free bulk SMS to over 200 countries from their computers and their mobile phones. About 700 mobile operators come within their working domain. Atomic SMS sender fixes prices according to the demand of the customers. The monthly traffic of SMS sent to the customers determines their price. If you send bulk SMS, you will get additional discounts.

Why Choose Atomic SMS Sender?

  • This app can send messages in multiple languages.
  • Its API allows and supports its web interface with other applications.
  • It supports both- Unicode alphabet and the GSM alphabet.
  • There is no limitation of the length of messages.
  • Delivers bulk SMS instantly and shows delivery reports.

#8. SpringEdge

SpringEdge, a bulk SMS service provider, is characterized by efficient performance and fast delivery. It allows you to improve brand awareness through message campaigns. You can create critical and complex messages and can deliver them across all major networks all over the world. Its web-based interface allows you to send cloud-based messages to your targeted audience.

Why Choose SpringEdge?

  • This software uses the best and smooth API integration.
  • It delivers bulk messages instantly within a minute.
  • 24×7 customer support is available.
  • Developers can work efficiently and fast with the help of in-built plug-ins.
  • This software sends messages in India as well as around the world.

#9. XtraBulk SMS

XtraBulk SMS is a secured and reliable web-based application. The banks, mobile aggregators, and bulk SMS senders can use this software for sending messages to their customers. You can easily connect the application with HTTP API or SMPP server. It complies with all the SMS technologies easily. One of the most important features of XtraBulk SMS is that its software gets updated at regular intervals.

Why Choose XtraBulk SMS?

  • You will get updated software.
  • It complies with all SMS technologies.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Easy to navigate and you are free to use so you can get lifetime ownership.
  • You can send customised SMS to your customers.
  • It can send only long volumes of SMS.

#10. Rapid SMS

Another free and open-source bulk SMS service provider, which is SaaS-based, is Rapid SMS. It offers hassle-free personalised bulk messages to customers. Rapid SMS bulk SMS sender offers three packages namely one-way bulk messaging, ad-hoc campaign, and two-way messaging. You can send bulk SMS instantly from your Excel sheet and also from Microsoft Outlook.

Why Choose Rapid SMS?

  • Rapid SMS is a secured and reliable free bulk SMS sender.
  • It complies with anti-spam laws.
  • It keeps a record of message history and delivers reports instantly.
  • It has achieved a fast delivery speed of up to 100,000 SMS/hour.
  • It offers a free trial for two weeks.
  • It is a cloud-based platform, hassle-free, and user-friendly software.


One of the best bulk SMS sender software is Frontline SMS. It enables instant two-way communication on mobiles. You can install it for free. But, message sending needs a little number of fees. Track missed calls with the help of this software. Even you can upgrade it from the desktop version. This secured, reliable bulk message sending app ensures fast delivery of SMS.

Why Choose Frontline SMS?

  • It is a reliable and secured message sending provider.
  • You can use this app easily.
  • After sending bulk SMS, you will get delivery reports instantly.
  • A configurable auto-reply option is available.
  • It is a cloud solutions-based platform.
  • Instant message delivery is another important feature of this app.


Bitrix24 is a dirt-cheap bulk SMS service provider in India. Its automation software is supported by CRM which allows an increase in sales. It sends bulk SMS, single messages and performs social media marketing functionalities. Moreover, you can also set up automation workflows that means you can set up SMS reminders. This free bulk SMS sender is cheaper than other competitors.

Why Choose Bitrix24?

  • There is no hidden or extra cost.
  • This software allows sending of both individual and bulk text messages.
  • In addition to message sending, Bitrix24 offers email marketing, Facebook and Google advertising, voice broadcasting, and audience segmentation.
  • It Can send messages to more than 100 countries.
  • This software used cloud-based technology.

#13. EZTexting

EZTexting is a Saas bulk SMS service providing company. Its SMS marketing software is easy to use and most secured and reliable. EZTexting helps you to connect with your potential customers via its software. This software works on permission-based SMS marketing policy and therefore, your messages won’t go to spam. EZTexting offers 14 days free trial period to you so you can check its special features.

Why Choose EZTexting?

  • EZTexting supports both small and large businesses. It can measure the operational capacity of your company. Therefore, a small company may grow into a large-scale company with its help.
  • Its simplicity and easy-to-use features attract businesses to use this software. You first compose a simple message, choose the right audience and send the messages to them.
  • Its special feature includes automated reminders. EZTexting reminds you of payment due dates, appointment reminders, birthdays, and anniversaries of customers.
  • Drip campaigns boost engagement, conversions, and after-purchase upsells. Drip campaigns allow you to deliver personalized messages at particular intervals.
  • EZTexting is a reliable and secured bulk SMS service provider.
  • Customer support is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. It works 24×7 to give support to businesses and brands.

#14. Jasmin Gateway

Jasmin Gateway provides bulk SMS service in India. Its A-grade features include filtering and routing of messages, SMS management, giving support to SMPP and HTTP protocols for intelligent routing, and Unicode. Jasmin Gateway, the free bulk SMS sender, allows small businesses to grow and large businesses to gain more customers. It has flexible but robust message routing algorithms.

Why Choose Jasmin Gateway?

  • It is suitable for businesses that have a traffic-clogged communication system.
  • It offers advanced message filtering.
  • It supports Unicode, binary and personalised SMS.
  • It can send concatenated SMS content.
  • It supports two-way AMQP messaging.
  • It uses HTTP and SMPP servers.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days of sending messages to your potential customers manually. SMS marketing software allows bulk SMS service in India easy and fast. It is quite challenging to choose the perfect bulk SMS service provider from amongst thousands of bulk SMS service providers in India. But, don’t worry. If you go through the above-mentioned SMS software, you will get help in selecting your perfect SMS sender. However, the process of SMS sending is simple and easy with any SMS sender. Just log in, compose a message, select the customer lists and send. Get to reach your targeted audience instantly with the help of this SMS sending software.

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