December 3, 2023

Let’s start by determining the type of ESC you have. If you’re doing it yourself, you presumably already know this, but if you got your board pre-built, check with the vendor to see what sort of ESC is installed. The most common kinds are Hobbywing, LingYi, and VESC. If your manufacturer has a customized Hobbywing, LingYi, or VESC, these instructions may not apply.

Hold the power button on your board for a few seconds, then the power button on your remote for a few seconds. Hold the button down on your board, LingYi. Hit the pair button on your control while it is switched on. Connect the wireless module to the VESC. Follow the pairing instructions on your remote.

How do I replace a remote?

Search your manufacturer’s website for a spare remote for Hobbywing and LingYi ESCs used in most pre-built boards, or contact your supplier if no appropriate replacement remote is displayed on the internet.

A VESC is included on certain prebuilt boards. If your VESC has a built-in remote, such as Boundmotor’s VESC, you’ll need to purchase the remote from the manufacturer. Otherwise, you may use any VESC-compatible remote provided you have immediate access to the PPM/UART ports.

Where to get a replacement remote

If you’re building a DIY board or upgrading your standard ESC with a VESC, the DIY forums are a great place to start looking for the best remote. People will frequently propose remotes to buy, and you can sometimes get second-hand VESC-based remote controls at very low costs. Electric skateboard with remote

How much is a remote control skateboard?

It is debatable. If you own a LingYi or Hobbywing ESC, a LingYi remote costs less than $50, whereas Hobbywing remotes cost roughly $90. Remotes for the Evolve cost $150 apiece, with no third-party options. If you possess a Boosted Board, your sole choice is to acquire a Boosted remote from residents, Bolstered USA (NOT Boosted Boards), and The Bolstered Guys, as Boosted is no longer a corporation. In some circumstances, a new Boosted remote might cost between $100 and $300.

How does a remote control work?

Your remote control is a little computer. It detects the position of your throttle and sends a signal to your Speed Controller Controller (ESC). Depending on how your ESC is set up, the more you move the accelerator forward/backward, the quicker you’ll accelerate/the harder you’ll brake.

Frequencies and safety whats up with that?

The bulk of remote controls communicates via the 2.4GHz band. It just so happens that 2.4GHz is used by several Bt, WiFi, and radio devices. In densely populated areas, all of those frequencies may interfere with your skateboard. Interruptions can cause your board to become sluggish, break unexpectedly, or accelerate quickly, although they are uncommon and poorly documented.


Your remote is a critical component of your board that should not be disregarded, much like a sturdy helmet, a very well battery, and high-quality trucks. Your ESC will tell you what sort of remotes you have, how to pair them, and how much new remote costs. If you’re starting from scratch, a VESC will provide you with the most remote alternatives, allowing you to choose the perfect form factor for you.

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