September 22, 2023

The variety of framing options available out there is overwhelming. This variety ranges from different frame finishes, materials, and display options. Selecting the perfect one to decorate and display in your space and walls is another overwhelming task. You can now buy picture frames online to turn your simple photographs into a work of art.

The variety of materials with which picture frames are made make up a long list. Here’s a consolidated list for you to guide you to pick the right one for you after understanding all possible options.

Material Type

The material with which a frame is made is highly influential to its style. The frame should complement the interiors of your home. If you want to highlight the photograph, you should go for a simple frame. The material of the frame also affects its durability and cost.


The most significant benefit of metal frames is that they do not get damaged easily, are very durable, and are lightweight. Metal frames can either be used in their natural metallic colours and can, alternatively, be spray painted to any colour of your choice. You can also select between a glossy or matte finish. To make a flat metallic frame interesting, you could also use bevelled metal.


This is the most common and popular type as wood can blend in with all kinds of interior designs. It is versatile and gives a very homely feel. From wooden frames with rustic themes to slim Scandinavian wooden frames, you will find these in every possible type.

Wooden frames can also be painted in any colour to suit your style. These can also be varnished to get a glossy finish. Hollow wooden frames are lighter than solid ones.

If you are looking to hang these frames, hollow frames are a better option as they will be less likely to fall off. In case of a fall, these frames remain intact as they are built to be long-lasting.


Ceramic frames might not be very popular, but their material makes them a good option for sentimental photographs. Ceramic has a classic and traditional appearance and is a perfect frame to be displayed in bedrooms.

A significant benefit of ceramic frames is that they can easily be painted on, and that is why you will find a wide range of ceramic frame designs available. Their major drawback is that these are not strong and are susceptible to breaking easily.


Plastic frames are usually very light, but their quality may not last. Adding and removing photographs from it might damage them. Given their tendency to break easily, they might be costlier as you will have to spend more on replacing them.


Glass frames are a very sophisticated addition to your interiors. However, these are the most fragile and susceptible to breaking if they fall. Their transparent bodies make them a perfect addition to minimalist interiors if you wish to add a vintage feel.


Leather frames add a soft yet expensive look to the interiors. Dark leather is most suitable for a modern look, and tan leather is best for a country-side look. Leather frames also include suede frames.

Mirrored Glass

This edgy, modern, and glamorous frame goes with all interior types. It helps the space feel spacious if it is a small room. Again, mirror frames can break easily too.

Now that you can buy picture frames online, you can browse from many options and pick the perfect unique one as per your taste and preference. Remember, picture frames not only allow for pictures to be displayed but also enhance the ambiance of your interior spaces.

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