September 30, 2023

Heroin is a fast-acting drug. When you inject it, you feel a surge of euphoria within seconds. Perhaps that’s what makes it one of the most used drugs in the world. Users love the immediate state of happiness this drug puts them in.

In addition to euphoria, you may also get a flushed face and a dry mouth as soon as you inject heroin. These are a few of the immediate effects of the drug.

How to tell somebody has taken heroin?

Oklahoma drug rehab specialists pinpoint certain signs and behavior that can immediately tell the person is “high” on heroin.

Their pupils will be dilated. They would behave in an abnormally happy state, oblivious of their surroundings. A person who has just injected heroin will move slowly, as his or her coordination movements become poor.

The classic “nodding out”

A typical sign of heroin usage is “being on the nod” or “nodding out” as experts put it. The drug user passes out momentarily and wakes up suddenly when his or her chin hits their chest. This happens frequently and it appears as if the person is nodding.

According to rehab specialists, this is almost always a sure sign of heroin usage.

This can be dangerous. As the head moves downwards towards the chest, it can obstruct the windpipe and hamper breathing. This can even lead to death if the person is not shaken up and made to lie properly.

When the heroin user is awake

An awake user cannot think clearly. They become indecisive and poor in judgment. Ask them something and they will appear confused.

“It’s a pitiable state. Nobody should inflict upon themselves such a state. What a waste of life!” remarks one of the drug rehab specialists.

A rehab center helps an individual realize the futility of using drugs and inflicting harm upon themselves. That’s why most rehab centers feature a counseling program, along with a detox program.

Other signs of heroin use

Heroin is a potent opiate. It numbs the pain signals in a person. So, a chronic heroin users won’t feel pain in hurting themselves or even the other. However, such behavior needs immediate help. Search for “drug rehab near me” to get help.

In addition, a user may experience nausea, vomiting, itching, skin infections, constipation, and other infections due to lowered immunity.

If somebody in your family is behaving weirdly, scratching too much, sweating excessively, or not eating properly, you must check what they are doing or taking.

If you ever notice a slur in their speech, a tendency to stay secluded, itchy or runny nose, and certain secretive behaviors, be alarmed.

It is useless confronting a heroin addict, as most of the time, they never accept their heroin addiction. At times, a heroin user may become violent or aggressive. So, be careful.

It is better to take help from experts.

Also, do not overlook track marks on your loved one’s hands, wrists, or arms, scabs on the skin, dirty teeth, and their tendency to wear long sleeves all the time. A heroin addict also gets strong cravings for eating sweets. They do not like to take baths.

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