September 21, 2023

The benefits of establishing a Rewards Program are enormous. They aren’t simply cheap marketing techniques; they can help with customer retention, improving cart value, building meaningful customer data, lowering churn, and more when used appropriately. Businesses frequently misinterpret these programmes as short-term business activities, resulting in negligible business value development. The advantages mentioned above can be obtained by creating a long-term, objective-driven local rewards app. Customers can be segmented and targeted using an innovative Rewards Program platform based on their revenue contributions and spending power. Therefore, they boost the profitability of their company.

What is a Rewards Program, exactly?

Any business’s centre of gravity is its customers. Customers are equipped to make informed decisions thanks to the abundance of online product and service information. Customers are also interested in various rewards programmes that can provide a wonderful Customer Experience: connected, personalised, and seamless.

In simple terms, a Rewards Program is a way of rewarding clients for their purchase habits. Repeat purchases, introducing friends and family to the business, featuring/tagging products on customers’ social media, evaluating a product on online forums, and other behaviours (depending on company objectives) are just a few examples.

Rewards Programs: the types

Points based:

Because of its widespread use by businesses, customers are familiar with this format. Customers can earn points depending on their transactions or minimum order value, which they can then use to redeem for future purchases or giveaways. Customers can use these hotspots through mobile apps or associated internet accounts.

Tiered programs:

They are used to persuade clients to make long-term purchases with a high level of commitment. Multiple tiers of categorised benefit packages are available in this type of scheme. Customers are given the option to advance to the next stage and have a VIP experience.

Loyalty cards:

It stimulates regular purchases and is ideally used when a specific store with a defined non-customer distinguishing feature requires high customer spending.

Cashback programs:

It is frequently utilised by banking institutions to entice clients to make a trade with them by offering payback. The cashback programme has become an instant success among payment wallets, encouraging clients to use their wallets to pay their utility, shopping, telephone, and other bills.

Program for Referring a Friend:

Customers are allowed to be brand advocates, and favourable statements are used to attract new customers. Existing clients receive offers or discounts as a mark of appreciation after a successful referral.


Customers who enrol in the Reward Program are eligible for special discounts or offers. These are service charged subscriptions that consumers pay to receive any benefits immediately. These kinds of programmes attract high-value clients, and the fees easily cover the expense of the Rewards Program.

Gaming programs:

This Reward Program allows clients to play company-related games online to earn reward points for future usage, which is a terrific alternative to dull shopping activities. Customers will find it to be a pleasurable experience.


Companies can sometimes utilise their social goals as the goal of their Reward Program to gain new consumers for a good reason. It builds a stronger emotional bond between the company and its clients.

How would you go about putting a Rewards Program in place?

The most difficult component is putting in place a well-designed rewards programme that is in line with the company’s goals and strategy. You must concentrate on end-to-end planning and implementation as you establish a relevant local rewards app for your brand.

It’s more vital to keep clients happy with tiny rewards than making big promises that won’t be kept. Start small, notice the gaps, and fill them into progress along the curve. Establish a dedicated team to manage Rewards Programs and provide them with the necessary tools and ownership.

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