March 26, 2023

A Cuemath website offers live online math classes from trained experts. A dedicated tutor meets with the student twice a week for two or more live courses. The proprietary Leap platform is used for classes. The class size can reach 1:6. (However, 1:1 is also available at a higher price). The tutor-student relationship is always one-on-one (even in group classes). To participate in a class, students must have a desktop or laptop computer with a headset and microphone, as well as broadband internet access. In India, the Cuemath website has approximately 5,000 centers.

Their program is specifically designed to make children enjoy maths! It makes math learning relatable and interesting by tackling problems on our Online LEAP platform and interactive simulations that integrate real-life challenges.

How does the Cuemath Website Assist a Child Who is Already Proficient in Maths?

If a child performs well on school exams, they are considered to be good at arithmetic. However, it is not a reliable predictor of a child’s math abilities. Many students get 95 percent to 100 percent on their examinations but do not understand important math concepts. It is crucial to highlight that a poor math foundation manifests itself in higher grades when a child struggles to deal with growing complexity.

At Cuemath, they provide your child individual attention to analyzing their areas for improvement. Their program focuses on advanced ideas for students who are already competent in fundamentals (with increasing difficulty level, Olympiad preparation, etc). Furthermore, students who excel at maths may lose interest in the subject because their schools do not provide enough challenge to keep them interested.

Does the Cuemath Website Guarantee that My Child Will Receive Personalised Attention?

A Cuemath program is meticulously crafted, from finding you the appropriate teacher to structuring the ideal batch size to creating the curriculum.

Each batch contains up to 6 children and students from various grades (KG to grade 12), eliminating competition among students and allowing the teacher to devote individual attention to each student.

Each activity of the child (online worksheets, interactive simulations, and puzzle cards) is recorded as part of our system-driven curriculum. As a result, based on each student’s learning pace and success, the system determines the following steps (in terms of difficulty level).

What are the Cuemath Website’s Mission and Vision?

A Cuemath mission is to instill a strong math foundation in every child. Their purpose as math specialists is to lead the way in developing mathematical thinking in children so that they can become the problem solvers and creative thinkers of the future.

What is the Point-Slope Formula?

A straight line is represented in point-slope form by its slope and a point on the line. For example, the point-slope form is used to find the equation of a line whose slope is ‘m’ and which passes through a point (x1, y1). The equation of a straight line can be expressed in a variety of ways. Point slope shape is one of them. The point-slope form’s equation is:

y – y1 Equals m (x – x1)

where (x, y) is a random point on the line and m is its slope

When we need to find the equation of a straight line given a point on it and the slope of the line, we use the point-slope form of an equation formula.

A straight line’s equation in point-slope form is given by:

m(x – x1) = y – y1


  • m denotes the line’s slope.
  • (x1, y1) = The point at which the provided line passes.

Students at Cuemath are regularly challenged with tab-based exercises and puzzle cards, among other things. You can try for your child.

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