September 22, 2023
Melissa Roxburgh

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Manifest, you may be curious to know that its star, Melissa Roxburgh, struggles with anorexia. In the show, Roxburgh plays rookie police officer Michaela Stone, a determined amateur sleuth. But what exactly does this condition look like? And how can it impact her relationship with her actor co-star Andrew Jenkins?

Manifest Actress Melissa Roxburgh has Anorexia

Despite being a renowned actor and TV star, Manifest actress Melissa Roxburgh has a history of dealing with the fanciful. While working in various small roles, Roxburgh’s career took off when she landed a role in Star Trek Beyond. The film was her first big-budget role, and she played the character Ensign Syl. Roxburgh gained recognition for her role in the film, as she starred alongside Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

Despite the show’s cancellation, fans are rallying to save the show, and the cast has tweeted their appreciation to Manifest fans. Melissa Roxburgh, who played the role of Michaela Stone in the NBC show, has anorexia and bulimia. This condition affects women across the world, and her struggles are not limited to a single ethnic group. Manifest has received widespread media coverage and has been referred to in a number of news articles and magazine articles.

She is a Determined Amateur Sleuth in the Show

As a devoted amateur sleuth on the Netflix series Manifest, actress Melissa Roxburgh has a plan for the show’s future. Although she has kept her private life relatively private, Roxburgh has revealed that her father is a minister and that her mother played tennis at Wimbledon. Despite the fact that she is a public figure, Roxburgh has been a deeply religious person throughout her life.

Though her acting career is still going strong, her new starring role on Manifest will likely be her most notable role yet. She has played other roles that have complimented her acting style. She is also Canadian, making her an ideal choice for the role of an unpopular American actress. Roxburgh is currently dating her co-star J.R. Ramiez.

She Struggles With Eating Disorders

The Manifest actress is not an anomaly. The series was cancelled by NBC after a few seasons, and Netflix quickly added its first two seasons to its lineup. The popularity of the show spurred Roxburgh to search the scripts for clues. Luckily, she was able to get in touch with the showrunners at the end of a recent shoot to explain her personal story.

Before Manifest, Roxburgh began acting. Her first role came in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid sequel, Rodrick Rules. Her character was named Heather Hills in that sequel. She has since appeared in several movies and television series, including Big Time Movie and Leprechaun: Origins. She also starred in the television series Valor, where she played the lead role. In addition to Manifest, Roxburgh has starred in The Marine 4: Moving Target and the NBC/Netflix series Bloodlines.

She is in a Relationship With Actor Andrew Jenkins

It’s not a surprise that actress Melissa Roxburgh is in the news for two different reasons – a recent relationship with a Canadian actor, and anorexia. The actress has long been reluctant to talk about her personal life, and it is only now that she has been linked to actor Andrew Jenkins. The two met on the set of Lost Solace in 2016, where Roxburgh had her first major starring role. The two have maintained contact since the set, and it’s possible that they are a couple.


While it’s unlikely that she’s marry or in a relationship with Andrew Jenkins, Roxburgh has dated actor J.R. Ramirez, whom she starred alongside in the 2014 film Leprechaun. The two date in real life – the couple was photograph attending industry events together and went live on Instagram – but their relationship was kept private. read more

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