September 29, 2023

Hiring employees in any profession has had two sides of the coin in the last few years for two reasons – one is because the market is global and remote working is popular, which means there are a lot of engineers you can choose from. Still, the other is that there are more competitors, and everyone is doing the same, so it’s challenging to find top talent.

Also, how to know which engineers are the most suitable choice for your business?

Well, there’s a solution for everything, and the most effective way to hire Java engineer is to check their soft skills.


Because many top-rated developers have perfect technical skills, but in many cases, the soft skills are the ones that make the difference.

Therefore, let’s see the top 10 soft skills you should look for when hiring.

Critical Thinking Is A Must

One of the first questions you must ask yourself when searching for your future Java developer is, do they have the proper critical thinking skills? Thus, can they make well-thought decisions according to analytical skills, can they use deductive reasoning, and do they understand the relationship between cause and effect?

Critical thinking is more than necessary for Java engineers since your engineer has to know how to evaluate complex user requirements, solve issues from all possible aspects, and think of specific answers to all challenges. There’s no benefit in knowing what is a method in Java if they can’t think critically about every possible challenge.

They Have to Be A Team Player

Teamwork is crucial for software development of any kind, and the same rule applies when it comes to Java engineering. Therefore, technical skills are vital, there’s no doubt about that, but they won’t make the best out of every situation without excellent teamwork. Always remember to foster great teamwork in your company, but to do it, you have to hire people with the will to work together. 

If your Java developer doesn’t have the proper teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with other developers to finish a project, then there’s no point in hiring them in the first place. They will be like a rotten apple that destroys the team, and the results will fade away. 

Time Management

Another essential soft skill on the list is time management, which includes having the quality to understand task planning, execution, task prioritization, reflecting on various tasks, and so on. All these qualities foster productivity and provide fantastic time management.

Your future Java engineer has to have a sense of time management since time is crucial in the world of software development and engineering. For instance, what’s the point of knowing how to round in Java if, in the end, the engineer doesn’t know how to organize their time in the proper way to satisfy your clients?


The need for creativity goes without saying that when complex client requirements appear, Java developers must find creative software solutions to keep them happy.

In addition, teamwork increases creativity, and creativity boosts teamwork at the same time. So, using creative skills in order to program in Java is necessary for your engineers to keep up the excellent work.

Problem Solving Skills

One of the core soft skills you have to look for when hiring Java developers is problem-solving since they have to use this skill throughout the entire development process.

From brainstorming and finding the correct answers to spotting crucial issues, the process can be highly challenging, and the only way to solve every problem is by having problem-solving skills.

In fact, that’s what a Java developer does a lot of their working time, solving problems, so without this soft skill, all other technical qualifications don’t have genuine value since they won’t be able to make the maximum without knowing how to solve issues every time they appear.

Paying Attention to Details

Visual cues and information are crucial when it comes to coding; therefore, it’s more than necessary to find a Java engineer that is paying attention to details. So, you have to see if they have great attention to detail, can focus on visual information, and are capable of completing a task entirely in Java.

Details when working with Java may seem not so important and are sometimes overlooked, but that’s a vital mistake. Therefore, do yourself a favor and hire a Java engineer that truly pays attention to details.

Excellent Communication Qualities

Let’s make something clear right away, excellent communication isn’t just about knowing how to talk, but sometimes a lot more about knowing how to listen.

Your Java engineer simply must have excellent communication qualities since they have to communicate well with their colleagues, with you, and your clients, but also with other employees in your company that don’t understand coding, and the developer has to know how to explain things simply.


Empathy is having the ability to share but also understand the feelings of others, and it’s essential for grasping task challenges by understanding the clients and the audience using the software.

Furthermore, empathy is important because it helps Java developers collaborate with all team members and understand and relate their concerns to support the team. Also, it’s closely connected with teamwork since, without empathy toward others, there is no effective teamwork.

Proper Work Ethic

A high level of productivity, professionalism, and success comes significantly from a proper work ethic. Suppose your Java developer has an excellent work ethic. In that case, they will be motivated to learn, become better, follow all new tech trends, and their motivation level will increase as they improve.

There’s no denying the importance of work ethic since not only technical skills but all other soft skills listed here won’t mean anything without a proper work ethic by your Java developer.

Ability to Organize

Last but not least, your future Java developer should know the importance of effective organization.

They have to know how to combine various development tools with task management tools to stay organized and manage their workload effectively. Especially today, since the global market competition level has never been higher, the ability to organize is more than necessary.

Here you have the top 10 soft skills you have to look for when hiring Java engineers, so please don’t waste any more time and start hiring since your competitors will certainly ‘steal’ the top talents if you keep waiting!

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