September 29, 2023

Employers can reduce turnover, unethical activity, and employee abuse using employment background checks. In addition, these measures save both time and money. Employers can also reduce the risk of liability from unethical activity or abuse. 

Reduces Unwelcome Turnover

Background screening is a valuable tool for companies seeking to reduce employee turnover and identify trustworthy employees. This type of background check provides valuable information about a person’s previous employment history and character, which can be invaluable for assessing a potential hire’s integrity. A thorough screening process can also improve the fit between a prospective employee and a company’s culture and values.

Turnover is costly for both the employer and the employee. When an employee leaves a company, getting them back up to speed takes time and resources. It is important to remember that turnover can result from various external factors, such as family circumstances and a desire to change careers or even start a business. Employee morale issues can also contribute to high turnover rates. Employees who feel disinterested in their job will stay away from work and leave in search of other opportunities.

Reduces Unethical Activity Or Abuse

Background checks are essential to keep employees honest and prevent unethical activity. They reduce the risk of on-the-job accidents and protect your company’s reputation. Moreover, running background checks also helps prevent workplace violence and theft. Additionally, they help maintain product quality and safety. Furthermore, screening applicants for illegal drugs and other criminal offenses can protect you from hiring unreliable employees.

Saves Money

Embracing background screening into your business operations can save you time and money. While the initial costs of screening an applicant will be higher, you will save money in the long run. Background checks allow you to hire the best candidate and avoid costly mistakes. In addition to lowering costs, employing background screening services can prevent lawsuits. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces laws prohibiting employers from discriminating against employees based on protected classes and backgrounds. Some states have also banned employers from asking applicants about their criminal history. To remain competitive, businesses need to hire the best employees. Quality hires also increase retention rates and lower turnover costs.


A recent study by Verified First and Aptitude Research revealed that companies that integrate employment background screening into their hiring processes improve the quality of their hires three times more than those who don’t. In addition, integrating employment background screening into the hiring process can help ensure that candidates’ information is accurate. This can also save employers time and money. Employers can also integrate background screening with applicant tracking systems to improve their hiring process. With this, they can get real-time reports about the screening status and speed up the onboarding process. Additionally, background screening within an applicant tracking system allows HR staff to save time by reducing the number of people they need to communicate with.


Background checks are a crucial part of preventing dishonest and dangerous hires. They can also help reduce company liability. Companies can reduce their insurance costs and avoid costly lawsuits by hiring people with clear background checks. Whether you’re hiring a new employee or a dishonest employee, background checks can save you time and money.¬†Background screening can be performed to determine a person’s criminal record or previous employment history. It can also involve a reference check or a drug test. Background checks are a must for any organization to maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

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