September 30, 2023

There is a huge demand for tools that enable automated bulk Instagram story view, but what benefit does it serve for people who want to view other people’s stories?

The reason behind the huge demand for automated bulk story view is that when you see somebody’s story and they see you have checked their story. If you have appealing, attractive and curiosity-evoking profile pictures, they actually get tempted to check on your account. If you see thousands of people’s stories a day, a lot of people come back to your profile, potentially check you out, like your stuff and follow you. That is how, only by story check, you get to increase the engagement rate, profile visits and the followers of your page.

The good thing about story view is that Instagram has no restrictions against it and you can watch as many stories as you like

In the following, we are going to introduce you to some of the automated tools you can use for bulk Instagram story view.

1.       vUser Story Checker

Instagram story bot viewer is a robotic tool that can automatically view the stories of those you follow on Instagram, and also can visit the posts which are on your Instagram Explore. It needs no special setting, you just run the bot and it starts its job automatically

Unlike the other tools available in the market, it is a one-time and permanent purchase and you do not need to charge it every month.

2.       Suparise

This tool allows you to define your target audience with usernames, hashtags and locations. Once set up, this bot automatically finds potential followers and attracts them to your profile by watching their stories.

Suparise offers many more features such as auto-like, auto-follow and auto-unfollow to boost your IG in the long run.

3.       Combin

It’s a desktop application for Mass Story View. Combin is a specialized tool that will allow you to view the stories of your Instagram target accounts and increase your followers. Combine views the stories of the accounts you have selected at a natural and human-like pace to prevent from being identified as a bot by Instagram, which keeps your account secure from the Instagram ban. Ability to bulk follow, unfollow, like and comment are among the other important features of this tool that help you boost your Instagram growth.

4.       Masslooking

This tool, which works on your Google Chrome browser, is in Russian, which you can have in English using the Google Translate option in the Chrome browser. It is not free but you can use its 24-hour trial. All you need to do is to provide it with a number of usernames. Then, after you run it, it will automatically check the stories of those usernames’ followers. Using this tool , you can have millions of stories viewed on Instagram on autopilot.

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