June 5, 2023

If you have been looking for a tool to help you with your Instagram story creation, you may have heard of Dumpor. It’s a great program for letting you create multiple Instagram stories from one picture. This is a good option for anyone who loves to post photos to their social media accounts. However, there are other alternatives that you should also check out.

Android & iOS Devices

Dumpor is a free app and website that allows you to download content from Instagram without paying. The software is available for Android and iOS devices.

Instagram Stories

In addition to downloading posts, users can also search for Instagram stories, hashtags and other accounts. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users can choose to search by username, location, hashtags or tags.

Great Tool for Market Research

Dumpor is also a great tool for market research. You can use the insights you get to find new avenues of marketing. This tool also analyzes your profile statistics. Using its insights, you can identify the best social media outlets to reach your target audience.

Other alternatives to Dumpor include the popular Inflact. It is an Instagram marketing toolkit that offers a range of free and paid tools.

Aside from its tools, Inflact also provides services for paid clients. Another alternative is the fast and free app, StoriesDown. It is similar to Dumpor in that it enables users to browse through Instagram stories, profiles, followers, and more. However, it is more user-friendly and has no annoying pop-ups.

Well-Known Accounts

Pixwox is another good option to consider. It lets users download posts and videos secretly. And, it also gives a list of well-known accounts.

IzoomYou is another useful tool to consider. It allows you to view profile pictures, enlarge them, and download them to your PC or mobile device.

Dumpor is a popular online tool for anonymously browsing Instagram stories. It’s a third-party browser extension that can be used on both PC and mobile devices.

Dumpor lets you browse and download Instagram stories without having to log in. The platform is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. In addition, it’s also an add-on for Firefox.

Details of the Story

Dumpor is free to use. You just have to enter the username of the Instagram account you want to view. Once you do, it will display the details of the story. Moreover, it will also provide you with a link to download the story.

When you use Dumpor, you can browse by location and tag. It will also summarize the essential information about the people in the story. Besides, you can also see their profile pictures.

In addition, Dumpor also allows you to search by name. This is a great feature if you’re looking to follow your ex.

Instagram Stories Anonymously

Another way to browse Instagram Stories anonymously is to switch to airplane mode. However, this will only give you the option to browse stories posted within the last 24 hours. So, you won’t be able to see any posts that have been deleted.

If you’re still not sure what to do with Instagram, check out these options.


Using it to your advantage can be a tall order. Fortunately, Dumpor has you covered with a no hassle one on one approach. Whether you are in a pinch, a snag free afternoon or just can’t stand to get your hands dirty, a quick fix is just a few clicks away. Best of all, you can reclaim your evening as your own. To top it off, you get a no-fee tee time! Just make sure you have a few minutes to spare. Not only that, but you also get to pick your own prize from a pool of other competitors. As a bonus, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, you won’t have to clean up after it – your prize is taken care of by Dumpor.

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