September 22, 2023

Heena, an 18-year-old girl, was suggested to check her career in astrology by her friends. Open checking her career in astrology. She came to know about how she can never thrive in her career as a science student. She had already enrolled in science at a university. She immediately pulled out of the stream and joined another stream. She has always been interested in this stream. Now she is a successful woman who has no regrets about life. Such is the power of astrology in predicting the career of people.
Career astrology is perhaps one of the toughest predictions of an individual’s career direction. Therefore, care must be taken in assessing individual professions. In Vedic astrology, one can judge Career problems by combining the influences of the main house and planets. The group of 12 houses in the horoscope signifies various aspects of a person’s life. Each house has its meaning for one’s career.
• Sun and Mars get Digbala (direction of power in 10th house)
• Jupiter and Mercury give favorable results in the 10th house
• Saturn, when free from suffering, can lift a person to great heights
• Despite losing Digbala, Venus and the Moon in the 10th house offer a suitable and dignified career path.
• All planets crossing the 10th house meridian offer favorable outcomes in terms of career prospects.
For centuries people have searched for directions to the stars. The first humans studied the changing patterns and shapes of the night sky to explain their lives and events around them. There were many forms of the ancient practice, some of which evolved into what we know today as modern Western astrology.
Why does career astrology have so much importance in this modern society?
Career astrology is the belief that stars and planets influence human life – and that the position of these cosmic objects when a person is born can tell a lot about their personality and future life.
Many reject astrology as a pseudoscience, but many believe in it – look at how many newspapers and magazines have a simple horoscope section. If our zodiac sign can help us understand ourselves and what fate can prepare us for, it’s fair to think that it could be a powerful tool to help us make career decisions.
Career Astrology is designed to help people find the role or career path that suits them best by identifying the key traits associated with their zodiac sign and how they could land a job. When most people think of their zodiac sign, they mean the astrology of the sun sign, which considers the sun’s position in one of the twelve zodiac signs at birth. This is the simplest form of astrology and is usually the basis of newspaper horoscopes. remove
For more detailed reading, astrologers consider several elements, such as what sign each planet had when it was born.
What are the important factors while choosing the right career according to career astrology?
Common sense tells us that there are many important factors to consider when choosing the right career for you, and your career horoscope probably shouldn’t be too high on this list. However, this does not mean that it is useless to consider the personality traits associated with your zodiac sign when considering the next steps in your professional life.
We will all come across times in our lives when we are not sure what to do with our careers. Maybe you are just starting in the world of work and are confused about which path to take. Either you’re starting to feel uneasy in your current role, or you’re at a dead-end knowing that you’re ready for change without a clear idea of what change might be.
Consulting your Free career astrology does not always provide an answer, but it allows you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, what you like and what you want in life.

Career astrology can help you build the best out of your career from scratch
Career horoscopes can have very loose ties to all sorts of real science, but you’d be surprised how much of them sound right. And realizing who you are and what you’re good at is an important step in finding a career that will make you successful.
Free career astrology prediction may not be the most reliable or logical way to find work. But if astrology tells you, it can be a useful starting point for thinking about your personality and future career aspirations. And that can only be positive. Before career analysis, the most important aspect is education or skills and then experience gained. A profession can only be practiced if you have a strong education in a related subject or relevant experience in your creative field.
The first determining factor is confusion about tendencies, the second is the quality of your efforts, and finally, your values and principles. This can be analyzed by the composition of the Triguna, which is formed during childbirth and remains the same until the last breath.
Take a look at your Lagna to know which career choice is best for you, according to career astrology
Lagna is the first house, also called the Ascendant, and it is the first thing to check on the natal chart. The first house represents the self, physical appearance, personality, longevity, and general health. The sinking planets and the yogi king formed in the first house are very important. This combination means name, success, and good luck for life.
When analyzing free astrology predictions, there are all the details about your passion, your wealth, your public image, and the heights that a person will reach in his career. So, if Lagna is strong and doesn’t negatively impact it, it’s a good sign for career advancement. The Lord of Lagna should be well placed and should not be disturbed. The bad effect is when the planet is connected to the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses.
The relationship between Lagna Lords between 5 and 9 Lords makes Raj Yoga very powerful. and give the best results. But if PAC is negatively impacted or set at 6H, 8H, 12H, then inhibitions and fears and slowing down frustration will add to your career.
The Lagna Lords are also important while predicting someone’s career according to career astrology
The position of the Lagna Lord indicates that one will work according to the importance of this house. Thus, if the Lord of Lagna is in the fourth house, that person will work concerning a hotel, nurse, or property. The planet’s position signifies a person’s inclinations and the areas in which they will spend their maximum time. So that when a person does work related to the position of Lord de Lagna, he can do justice to his profession.
According to career astrology, a career or occupation in the simplest sense, special skill or set of skills by which a man and a woman are trained or trained according to the position of the planets in the horoscope, which in turn helps to earn or earn money. to be kept in the community. Fortune tellers are often asked by young men and women, “what is the best career in my opinion according to astrology” “the best career according to astrology,” etc.
This career astrology report always relies on local actions for oneself or done for others, i.e., they will do karma (10th house) or to earn or receive their livelihood (11th house) in the form of money or exchange or whatever by mutual agreement between the doer and the recipient.
Most of the Indians believed that career astrology could help them build a successful career
Each Indian classic has nearly a chapter devoted to Karma Bhava, or the 10th house, such as the Brihat Jataka, which is discussed in Karamjeevi Adhya and presents various permutations combinations to denote the professions that locals can practice because our classics were written centuries ago or even more.
So, in the classics, the careers that our Rishis may have existed at the time or that will be perceived through their divine visions are mentioned in a broader sense. Still, it is also clearly stated that astrology is to be understood or practiced through Vision. Saved, Kaal, Paatra before making career predictions.
However, our classics clearly show nature as species, types, technical, non-technical, etc. Through houses, planets, signs, nakshatras, etc.

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