September 22, 2023

For East Coast natives like me, night skiing is something we grew up with. Friday night showed up after school and it was time to head into the icy mountains and ski until the lights were out. Skiing is getting famous and famous nowadays. Every sports person loves to ski. And when you can ski at the night the glamour you experience is un-debatable. But to fully enjoy skiing you must have top class gadgets for skiing. If you don’t have good gadgets like ski jackets, popular ski boots, leather socks, etc you may face some hurdles in your enjoyment. So you must take these gears into account also.
Well, night skiing can be scarce in Colorado. Colorado resorts with so much scenery have a lot more land to end the day with. However, some resorts light their slopes at sunset, giving people a chance to take a few turns at night.
Keystone, Colorado
Keystone has Colorado’s longest day of skiing, with some streets open until 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. with the protection of their famous Area 51 landscape park until 6:00 p.m. Watch the sunset from Summit House just before the evening ends.
Your lift ticket or order is valid until the keystone lights go out, so there is no need to buy a replacement ticket. With 15 lighted racetracks per night, Keystone is Colorado’s premier night skiing area where you can take in most of the scenery after dark.
Steamship springs
Prepare to explore the slopes of Steamboat Springs after dark. The Christie Peak Express takes you to the top of Christie Peak (8,000 feet) where you can start your night skiing adventure with five different events including Sitz, See Me, Vogue, Stampede and Lil. Rodeo. Descend 1,100 meters under state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art lighting designed to enhance your trail experience at night.
And remember, Ikon Pass holders can add $ 49-night skiing to their already excellent season payment.
Granby Ranch
Granby Ranch offers exceptional night skiing for only $ 15 for all ages. Convenience adds to the proximity to Denver, which is a 90-minute drive away. At Ranch Granby, you have access to ski slopes and country parks that offer options for all ages and abilities.
Skiing under the lights at Granby Ranch on December 29th, January 19th, February 16th and March 16th from 4 pm to 8 pm.
Hespérus ski area
Best known for night skiing and horseback riding, the Ski Hesperus Double Chair will take you to the top of 2,888 feet allowing you to traverse up to 700 feet vertically. The CO Hesperus Ski Resort, just minutes from downtown Durango, offers 26 slopes on 60 acres of the ski area and 150 inches of snow per year.
It is open for night skiing on Mondays and Thursdays and Saturdays, you have plenty of time to stay and the price is not bad. Adults (21-59 years old) can purchase a ski pass for only 29 USD, teenagers (13-20 years old) and seniors (60-69 years old) for 25 USD and children (8-12 years old) for 21.
Echo mountain
Mount Echoa is open 6 days a week and you can ski overnight Tuesday through Saturday. It’s the perfect place for an evening adventure.
Echo has not yet published its ticket prices for the 2018/2019 season, but be sure to pay attention to the ticket price for the unit price and the booking price.
For some, it might be your first night, and for some, it can take you back to the beginnings of skiing. Natsuki is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should try. On less travelled slopes and dark woods around the trails, night skiing in Colorado has a different feel on the way down. Exploit!

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