June 5, 2023

One of the most common questions we ask ourselves at Rack Attack is “Which bike rack is best for my car?”
Cycling racks are easier to choose because they are more specific to use than many other types of shelves. Basically, you only need to know a few basics to find the perfect foundation for your needs:
Where would you like to take them with you: behind the car or on the roof?
How many bikes do you have to take with you?
Which bikes are they?
The total price and number of accessories required will depend on your answers to these questions, but don’t worry, our goal is to find the right position for you. Safety and ease of use are always our main concern, we sell you a stand that you have loved for a long time (most of our stands have a lifetime warranty!). Let us start:
Do bicycles have to be transported on the roof or behind a car?
This is the first and most important question you need to answer, but the answer depends on how much your car can handle.
Cycling on the roof
The bike can be transported on any vehicle.
Almost every car can accommodate at least 4 bicycles.
Keep your suitcase free, unobstructed.
The amount of road spray on the bike can be reduced.
Requires a bottom basket.
Loading can be difficult. Maximum load 50 kg and less, usually not an e-bike.
Transporting more bikes can be more expensive.
Parking in the underground car park can be difficult.
Cycling in the back of the car
Easy to read wheels.
Possibly the cheapest solution.
You can transport 1 to 5 bicycles on the stand.
E-bike options! Supplied with shelves with hooks up to 65 kg. Bicycle!
Drills need a towing device, but don’t worry, we’ll install them!
Some vehicles (depending on the size of the train or luggage compartment) are limited to two or three bicycles.
Wheel racks can cover the rear registration plate. It’s rare, but some customers have reported problems.
Although you have access to the selected section, I recommend you read the full review for each section. Not all shelves work with all vehicles. Keep reading to make sure you get the best bike rack for your car.
Put the wheels behind the car
The simplest, often cheaper and more versatile way to transport bicycles is behind the car. There are three different types of rear bike racks.
Rear wheel rack type 1: traction wheel rack
In most opinion, stationary bike racks are the perfect way to transport bikes in a car. They are durable, reliable, easy to charge and hardly endanger your car. The catch is that you need a hinge for the receiver for your vehicle (we will return it).
Cars have two standard socket sizes: 1 ¼ “and 2”. These trailer sizes are almost always referred to as Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 or 4. While most bike racks are available in both sizes (other sizes are available, but adapters may be required), it is important to note that there are two different weights. Classes in your towing equipment: tongue weight and lever weight.
Since we don’t pull anything with the bike ring, we are only interested in heavy weights. This is the most important thing you read all day: due to your gain and figure, the actual weight of the bikes you can climb is only a fraction of the total weight of your lift.
If your car doesn’t have aids, it’s almost certainly possible. Call us for a quote.
If you have a problem and you know how many bikes you can take with you, you are almost fine. The last step is to choose a swimming style that suits your riding style. If you have regular bikes, you can usually ignore it, but if you have e-bikes, mountain bikes or other non-standard sizes, you can avoid sticking the bikes to the frame and choose a standard that will hold the bikes of your bike. instead of.
Bakke style
This means that extreme extensions and passers-by can also be used to increase the cycle. Især Easyfold is lucky and the most popular e-cyclist comes when he has an ink field and a 65 kg ramp. Cycle! Easyfold cleans the entire Krogstørrelse. All other statistics that did not recognize her, he 2 “version, men from også i 1 1/4” version. If you have the 2-inch version of the T2, hold down and NV, which is available from two cycles to 4, until available.
It is now on Thule when it is delicate and light, and is available on an aluminum platform, which is available on a helium platform for up to 1 year and 2 pieces!

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