June 8, 2023

Has your current PC been giving you trouble? One that you recently got for a hefty price tag, looks to us you need a replacement. A system that can truly fulfill all your needs without making you feel like you wasted all of your savings on something that wasn’t even worth it. If you’re finally tired of all the money your PC’s sucking up with its repairs and damage recovering, I think it’s time to hear the verdict. You need a new computer, something that won’t betray your trust and would last a long time. There are a few options that you can go about doing this. It is either to find a pre-built system within a reasonable amount or build your very own. Both options come with different pros and cons where a pre-built system can be a little expensive but you don’t have time over choosing its parts with the added bonus of warranties. On the other hand, building a PC from scratch can be quite inexpensive and you can even get your say in what you want to add to it. This means making a system according to your use. If you’re a gaming fanatic then you’d certainly want a PC that would be able to make you a system that makes gaming much more fun and intense.

For this reason alone, The team of Gaming Silk gathered some of the most essential parts that you’ll have to add to your PC.

Parts needed to include in your PC:


Adding the case to your PC is recommended to be one of the best ways one can start their PC building process. Cases are highly limited in the computer industry and come in very limited sizes as well. Therefore it’s important to make enough space for the case to fit in the system. You can choose larger cases that have room for other components as well but it would be quite expensive. The case is a box that consists of all the features that are part of a PC.


The next component to add is the central processing unit. It is the most important feature of your PC as it gives it the power to run smoothly for games and other software. We advise you to get a CPU that runs with the fastest processor and comes easily in your provided budget. This way it would last a long time without bothering you. Upgrading a processor would include upgrading the motherboard so you’d have to be aware of that as well. Intel and AMD are some of the highest performing companies for processors so you can get a processor from there as well.


This is an interface for all the components to communicate with each other. The motherboard is the foundation of building your PC as it holds the power to connect all the other components with each other. It has different kinds of slots for the motherboard which are all for the components. The CPU is the main component of a PC and needs to have a socket that has to be compatible with the socket of the motherboard or it wouldn’t work.


These are graphic cards that are used to display all the images that are shown on the computer screen. Some games require highly intensive imaging which means you’d have to get graphic cards that are compatible enough as well.


is the computer’s working memory, which processes data from the software. Because RAM processes data in a sequential manner, it requires as much memory as possible to complete tasks rapidly. RAM stores no permanent data and is primarily utilized for processing activities.


Finding the crucial parts for your PC comes with essential concerns about the quality as well. If you’re making a system without getting details about its durability and quality then you’ll just be wasting your time and money. Looking for the basic parts isn’t the only thing that’d important when you’re building a system. Trust us, you do not want to be stuck with a PC that would give you problems right from the start. Therefore, we want you to look for parts that only increase the productivity of your system but would eventually last a long time as well.

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