June 6, 2023

A bathroom is no longer a necessity in modern homes. It can now be remodelled into your house’s it-factor with the help of the right fixtures and aesthetics. The addition of bathtubs presents one such great option.

Based on your requirements, you can choose costly or cheap baths for your place that will help you relax after a long, tiring day. Side by side, you also need to ensure that the product meets your expectations well.

Over 12% of people are investing in a bathroom remodel project for the sake of a change. Therefore, it is also crucial to get the right design and pattern. Here, you will find the common bath types available in the market.

Whirlpool Baths

If you are looking for a spa-like extravagance, a whirlpool tub will serve the purpose just right. No longer priced at exorbitant rates, such bathtubs help improve circulation and reduce muscle aches.

With benefits like hydrotherapy and relaxing water jets, Whirlpools have a pleasant user experience. Such baths are also known as Jacuzzis and are usually found in luxury hotels.

Freestanding Baths

As the nomenclature suggests, freestanding baths are tubs that are individually finished products and not joined to any room walls. Individually, it is a focal point that attracts the most attention and changes the entire layout.

But, you must note that such baths are incredibly heavy and can cost you a lot of money. Over these years, there have been multiple variations in the pattern. Today, clawfoot and pedestal baths are also classified in this category.

Corner Baths

Ideal for small bathrooms with limited bath space, you can add these tubs along the joint edge of two walls. It is usually triangular and is quite pleasing to look at. You can also place this bathtub on a platform and raise it.

You can transform it into expensive or cheap baths based on your needs. Here, you also have the option of additional jets, thus turning the whole ensemble into a whirlpool tub.

Shower Baths

Most people get confused choosing between a bath and a shower. While a bath is meant to be used for longer durations, a shower is quick and efficient. But with shower baths, you get the best of both options.

Here, a separate shower unit is fixed inside the tub to make it easy for you to bathe even without filling the water.

Alcove Baths

Commonly found in Australian houses, such tubs are attached to the walls from two or three sides. The surrounding walls help the tub look like it’s trapped in an enclosure and give a sense of privacy.

The length of an Alcove tub could range from 53 to 72 inches. Therefore, it can be easily installed in small spaces and is significantly cost-effective.


Bathing is not just a form of cleaning the impurities or pollutants off your skin. It can turn into a long, unwinding session to help reduce the tiredness in your body.

To ensure such comfort within your budget, you can look for cheap baths made of durable material. Based on your bathroom specifications, you will find multiple types of tubs for use. Some common types worth considering are alcove, corner, shower baths, etc.

Before making the purchase, you can check whether the bathtub’s colour and dimensions agree with your space or not. The right kind of bath can improve your daily lifestyle in multiple ways.

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