September 26, 2023

Examinations are an integral part of an individual’s life. These tests not only the skill of a person- but they also prepare the student for the challenges that might come in their professional life. However, competitive exams like GATE are very tough to crack. Even if someone cracks this exam, the scores are generally not high enough. There are various reasons as to how previous years’ question papers can help. These can help students get rid of various concerns.

Nonetheless, here are some of the primary advantages of practising GATE exam question paper from any of the previous years:

Helps the student understand their problems

Studying the topics of the subjects is not enough for any candidate. It is mainly because just going through the units and topics alone cannot help the students understand their problems. However, they can understand their problems while solving these papers. It is mostly because when they solve these they would be unable to answer some of the questions present in the paper. As a result, they can always return back to the original text and prepare for the exam again. It often helps students secure good scores and a safe spot in the selection list.

Helps to comprehend the crucial parts of the syllabus

The syllabus for the GATE exam consists of several topics and units. Added to this, every unit/ topic has many sub-topics and sections- with plenty of information related to it. As we all know, not all these are significant. The previous year question papers incorporate segments from the essential parts of the topics involved. Thus it helps the candidate comprehend the vital regions of the syllabus. Once the aspirant is able to understand these parts of the curriculum, they can lay more stress on the noteworthy parts of the preparation process. Hence they can score exemplary marks in the exam.

Increases the candidate’s confidence

Question papers provide the aspirants with a chance to practice questions that might hit them out of nowhere in the exam hall. It gives a sense of confidence to the candidates. They will feel that since they have already answered these, they can feasibly perform well in the final test as well. It is extremely crucial for the aspirants because it drives them in the tough atmosphere of the GATE exam. Well, confident students perform much better during any examination than other aspirants.

Helps to chalk out all similar kinds of questions

When you solve GATE 2019 question paper along with the other years, you will get to discover those questions that are similar or common to the previous year’s question paper. Candidates can gather knowledge about these when they prepare the solutions from these papers. Sometimes the aspirants can know what questions can get repeated. After knowing about these questions the students can prepare for these questions in a much better manner. In turn, it would help them get good marks.

Helps a candidate to plan their examination

The process of planning is a prerequisite in every sphere of life. Proper planning and strategy help the student execute these perfectly. It, in turn, helps them attain success. As the previous year question papers include the same time, pattern, and types of questions. It helps the aspirants plan properly for their exams. This planning is very significant as it takes them to a better place mentally during the exams. It enables them to feel that they can write accurate answers. It again helps them achieve the desired marks in the actual exam in the exam hall.

Which Years To Focus On?

When you solve a GATE exam question paper from previous years, you try to understand the pattern of questions and blueprint of the actual examination. So if you try to solve papers that are more than 5 years old, they would make no sense- since the syllabus involved and the pattern of questions would be totally outdated.

Question years that you should consider solving:

  • GATE 2022 question paper
  • GATE 2021 question paper
  • GATE 2020 question paper
  • GATE 2019 question paper
  • GATE 2018 question paper

Some of the significant advantages of previous year question papers are given above. The students will be able to understand that these are exceptionally critical for a candidate if they want good results in the exam. In case they face any problems, they can always consult their textbook or other study materials. You can easily get various study materials- both online and offline. Are you a GATE 2023 candidate? Start studying and solving GATE question papers from previous years for your preparations this year.

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