September 26, 2023

As long as a company is using social media as one of its marketing strategies either through its marketing team or an independent marketing agency like NetbaseQuid, it needs to be aware of the latest tips in social listening so that it can use such tools effectively. There are quite a few social listening tools available that make monitoring and measuring the activities of various types of users on social media websites possible for businesses who want to track their competitors and know what type of content resonates with their target audience. This article will discuss some of these top social listening tools used by top marketing agencies and companies.

Best Social Media Listening Tools – Using Data to Help Your Business Grow!

1. Tweetbot

If you don’t have a lot of experience with tweets, Tweetbot may not be your first choice for doing Twitter monitoring. However, if you are experienced enough with Twitter and need something quick and easy, Tweetbot will work perfectly fine. It integrates directly into the Twitter web interface and lets you receive real-time notifications whenever someone mentions your keywords.

3. YouScan

This tool is very similar to TweetDeck. YouScan allows you to create different lists on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ where you can put any keyword you desire and see all the posts mentioning those terms. This way, you can monitor almost every post made on a given website including Google+, Instagram, and Youtube. The best thing is that you get instant alerts when someone posts about your keywords so that you can reply right away.

4. Sprout Social

Also, among the top social listening tools is Sprout Social. It has over 200 features, but most people use only a small portion of them. These include analytics, email management, lead scoring, scheduling, and others. Sprout Social is also very flexible because it offers both free and paid versions. There are no limitations on how many keywords you can filter out. Using Sprout Social, brands can track mentions and comments across multiple platforms without spending much time.

5. NetBase

The NetBase social listening platform includes several components. While there is a basic setup component, the more advanced features come after payment. Among other things, NetBase helps clients analyze the performance of their brand ambassadors and measure the success of their communication campaigns. NetBase can help companies improve their brand awareness and overall online reputation. The software can provide insights into customer satisfaction levels and the overall sentiment surrounding your brand.

6. Digimind Social

Digimind Social is another great option if you prefer visual results over the traditional text-based approach that most social listening tools offer. With Digimind Social, you can keep tabs on the conversations that matter most to your business.

What Information Does These Tools Monitor?

Who said what about your brand – this will allow you to know who mentioned your brand name, how often they mentioned your brand, and in which context they did (on Twitter). This gives you an idea of what kind of attention you get on social media.

Where does your target audience hang out – here comes information about location, age group, and gender. Knowing this info will help you understand where your customers are hanging around online and possibly be able to tailor your message for them.

How do my competitors respond to your posts – the analysis feature will give you insight into how your competition responds to your posts. Knowing this can easily make you change your strategy for promoting your products. It’s always better to try and anticipate your opponent’s moves before moving ahead.

Which content gets more engagement – these tools can tell you which posts get more likes, retweets, replies, and shares than others. In this sense, you can use this data to determine which posts should be prioritized for promotion

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