June 5, 2023

Adblock browsers are designed to hide pop-up ads, especially dangerous ads launched by hackers. It makes your browsing safer. Having an Adblock browser is a delightful experience. Helps block ads and pop-ups on our favorite websites like Facebook and YouTube. Say goodbye to those annoying pop-up ads today. Are you looking for a browser with adblocker? So iTop offers you a private browser with adblocker.


Some of the reasons that make the use of an advertising blocker essential are the following:

Advertising is intrusive and annoying.

Websites tend to offer a wide variety of advertising formats. Some of them are the following:

  1. pop up
  2. banners
  3. Videos and audios with autoplay
  4. interstitial advertising
  5. etc

The advertising formats that I have just mentioned usually generate the following inconveniences:

  1. Slower loading of the content we want to display on a specific web page.
  2. When browsing on mobile devices, the ads cover a large part of the screen, excessively hindering reading and browsing.
  3. Sometimes Pop-ups and banners make it impossible to access the content we want to consume.

Advertising in bad taste and not adapted to our interests

On many occasions, the advertising that some websites offer us is bad taste, does not respect the reader, is not suitable for younger people, and does not suit our interests.

Many of the advertisements offered on web pages are of the following type:

  1. Online casinos.
  2. Explicit sexual content.
  3. Tarot cards to predict the future.
  4. Sexists.
  5. Etc.

Advertising is a security and privacy risk.

Everyone needs to be aware that advertising is a security and privacy risk.

Some of the consequences that we can suffer when clicking on an advertising banner are the following:

  1. Installation of Malware and Adware on our phone or computer.
  2. Theft of information since there are ads intended to carry out Phishing practices.
  3. Attempts to hijack the home page of our browser. I am sure that more than one reader will have encountered the situation that the home page of their browser has been automatically changed, and there is no way to change it again.

Internet advertising is a non-transparent business.

In many cases, I think advertising is a non-transparent business in which you never know what is behind it. Some examples of this are the following:

  1. In some instances, when we participate in affiliate campaigns, it is not possible to know if a client has purchased service through us or not. Therefore, the only thing bloggers can do is rely on the mercy of third parties and offer free advertising to advertisers.


We all want to do safe browsing. We can use browser VPN online. It can help us and make our browsing online. Many hackers and scammers send us unwanted ads, and we open them unconsciously. They send viruses and collect our data so. iTop private browser with adblocker can help us and save our data from stealing. So iTop offers you the best VPNs and private browsers.

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