December 3, 2023

It’s true – there was a time when just about everyone you knew wore hats regularly. You can see it by a picture from any decade before the 1930s, and you will understand why. In earlier eras, headwear like these served many purposes, protecting and preventing potentially harmful sun rays and other elements from reaching wearers’ skin. However, while they did perform well in earlier decades, they were harder to find in contemporary fashion throughout much of this century due to changes in technology and social trends since the First World War. Nevertheless, hats are back now, thanks to how comfortable they are or how fashionable they make wearers look.

When you look at the entire range of hats, you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of varieties, including color, texture, material, shape, or something else. Then, the availability of top-notch brands adds another complicated layer. However, some situations make things simple, even in this domain. Do you wonder how? If you are all for a fedora hat and need one to provide coverage against the blazing sun, you can check the sun hat options at reputable stores. Many coolest designs feature fedora. So, you can achieve two goals with one single piece of accessories. Now, let’s make things more exciting. Fedoras for sun protection come in distinct shapes and variations. It can be a bonus for any fashion enthusiast who likes to incorporate stylish elements with purpose. Let’s explore the options.

Panama hat in fedora form

The Panama hat has the quintessential summer look, originating as most great inventions did when a need arose. Indigenous Ecuadorians needed a sun-blocking hat that was breathable on long and arduous explorations of the Amazon Forest, and this straw construction is the result of their experimentation. Panama might be the most versatile of all headwear – it’s lightweight, inexpensive, and stylish. It can be your go-to, whether you plan to take a stroll on a pristine beach to cool off or hang around with your people by poolside or in a nightclub. If you want to flaunt a bossy yet easy-going personality, a white hat done with a broad black band can be the right pick.

The experimental kinds can look for blue and orange hats also. And for someone safe player kind, there is a natural color variety too.

Straw hat in fedora shape

Nothing welcomes high summer like a classy straw hat. You can bring it into the garden or wear it when going on a beach holiday. The new straw hats are available in all the colors you need for your outfits for this season and provide excellent sun protection at the most reasonable prices. If you want to take your fashion game up, try something with the best characteristics of the Panama toquilla hat and fedora’s teardrop crown. The choice of colors can be tan, black, or cream. You can avoid black if the mercury is soaring. It will make things too dark and warm.

Wide brim fedora hats

Fashion is a game of trends. And trends are always on the move. One trend that has stood the test of time is the wide brim fedoras. This classic style is for nearly anywhere, anytime. Whether you wear it casually with a t-shirt, or a suit and tie, this hat can give your style a unique flair. This classic style can give you a classy look no matter what. The best thing about this hat is that it can complement thinner and broader face shapes. And since the brim extends beyond 3 inches in width, you can get extra sun protection for your face and neck.

However, some straw hats can be more practical and stylish even in this kind. For example, a natural wide-brimmed straw hat in a fedora shape offering up to UPF 50+ protection from the sun and 360-degree air ventilation with eye-catching leather trim can be the perfect example here. Any such option is for a man who likes to socialize or spend time on the beach, patio, garden, pool, or golf course. Don’t bother if you find only standard shades in these hats like tan, cream, and natural. They already have so many highlights that you don’t need more to justify your choice.

Sun produces energy in your body; hence, you need a bit of it in a measured amount. So, don’t avoid going out in the sun because it’s hot and direct exposure to sun rays is not suitable for your health. With fedora-style sun hats, you can avoid the health risk and nurture your well-being. And the fact that hats are naturally fashion boosting elements makes it more exciting to add one to your everyday outfit. Or, even occasional appearances in a hat, even during summer, can make things feel different. That’s why it makes sense to explore fedoras for oneself.

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