December 3, 2023

Although new advanced vehicle technology systems such as adaptive headlights, backup cameras, and forward collision have been adopted by many manufacturers, accidents still happen.

A car accident is one of the most dreadful things that can happen to a road user. The aftermath of an accident includes severe injury, permanent disability, high medical bills, property damage, loss of wages, and stress.  With all of these losses to consider many people seek the expertise of an accident lawyer to help them seek compensation.

While we cannot prevent some accidents from happening, the majority of these accidents are avoidable. Deliberate choice can cause serious accidents and completely change the driver’s life and that of other road users.

Unfortunately, reckless drivers do not think about other road users’ lives.

My father used to say that when you are driving, you are the only sane person on the road; consider the rest insane. This advice has proved important for me when driving or walking by the roadside.

But what are some of the common causes of car accidents? This article addresses this question.

Over speeding

Over speeding is driving your vehicle past the set speed limits. Different roads have different speed limits depending on the nature or features of that road. Driving past these set limits can result in a fatal accident.

The insurance company will likely collect your car from a tree trunk, and the police will ferry your body to the morgue! But even if you do not meet with these severe consequences, you can injure pedestrians using the road or scratch other cars, leading to fines.

Faster vehicles have increased risks of accidents than slower vehicles. This is because you will need a longer braking distance to stop. However, sometimes you don’t have that luxury when you bump into an unexpected obstacle.

If you were to lose control of an overspeeding car, the impact during a crash could be unimaginable. We had people who died on the spot when an overspeeding car crashed!

Drunk driving

Booze and driving do not go together. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States show that 32 people die daily because of drunk-driving car crashes, an equivalent of one death every 45 minutes!

Alcohol impairs your mind and decision-making ability. You will have a low reaction time and reduced concentration behind the wheels. Furthermore, alcohol impacts your vision and causes drowsiness. It also dampens your risk factors and inspires the human mind to take risks.

These factors are catalysts for catastrophic accidents for many drivers.

Therefore, ensure you are sober before sitting behind the wheels. We are talking about avoiding alcohol and other mind-altering drugs when you are going to drive.

Enjoy alcoholic drinks with friends to celebrate an occasion or a win is okay. However, ensure the driver is not taking alcohol; otherwise, the celebration could lead to misfortune and heartache for your loved ones.

Suppose you don’t have a driver, as a sober friend to take you home or call a carb. Your life is more precious than merriment.


The modern world has numerous distractions that humans seem lost in it. Driving requires complete attention on the road because accidents can happen in split seconds. Even minor distractions can hasten your appointment with injuries or death!

Mobile phones are the major cause of distractions. Taking a call, replying to a message, or checking social media trends and memes while driving can be disastrous. The act of checking your phone or admiring a beautiful model by the roadside billboard occupies a major portion of your brain, thus contributing to accidents.

If your phone rings while driving, you can choose to ignore it or pull the car by the roadside to receive it. Other causes of distraction on the road include:

  • ·       Radio in the vehicle.
  • ·       Animals on the road.
  • ·       Adjusting mirrors while driving.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving involves disregarding traffic rules and aimlessly shifting from one lane to another. Some drivers tend to meander on the road to overtake other motorists, but this reckless driving can lead to serious accidents.  People suffering accident related injuries will often use a personal injury lawyer Perth for car accident injury claims assistance.

Overtaking other motorists at the wrong time and place can cause a head-on collision with the incoming vehicle, especially if you do not have a space to shift to your lane.

If you see a reckless driver on the road, leave a way for them. They could scratch your car, waste your time, or even crash their cars on yours.

Red light jumping

Red light jumping is commonly seen at road intersections, where drivers disregard the traffic light. Some drivers even compete with the light and cross the intersection at high speed when the light is second from turning red.

Trying to catch the light endangers your life and other road users. You could be running past the light, and other reckless drivers are also doing the same from the opposite direction! The consequences can be dire.

Although some people argue that stopping wastes time and fuel, evidence shows that if drivers follow the traffic lights, they will save fuel and time. One act of defiance by one driver can generate serious chaos at the cross.

Therefore, if you see traffic lights turn orange, slow down and stop. The few minutes you wanted to save by catching the lights is not worth your life or car.

Adverse weather conditions

Weather conditions such as rain, snow, or fog can enhance the risk of car accidents. When it rains or snows, the roads become slippery, making it hard for certain tires to grip the road. The vehicle can skid or veer off the road, especially if it is driven at high speed.

Rainy and foggy weather impairs visibility, and without a clear vision, you can ram into other vehicles or miss the road.

One way to avoid weather-related accidents is to drive slowly or wait until the weather is clearer before you proceed with your journey. You can do nothing to change the weather, but you can take caution and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Final words

Nobody hopes to have an accident unless you want to commit suicide. However, deliberate human actions have contributed to many fatal and disabling accidents. Some of these causes of car accidents are preventable if all drivers act rationally.

Your life is precious and worth protecting. If you plan to drive, ensure you are not drunk, avoid distractions, obey traffic lights, and avoid overspeeding and reckless driving. Safe driving shows love for yourself, family, friends, and other road users.

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