September 25, 2023
Raisibe Ramohlola

Raised by a single mother, 61-year-old raisibe Ramohlola is currently serving a 12 year prison sentence for trafficking children. Although her real name is “Mama Jackie”, she is best known as a child trafficker. Her mother, who has a criminal record, was convicted of kidnapping, theft, and assault.

Mama Jackie

Raisibe Ramohlola, also known as Mama Jackie, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, five of which were suspended. The judge recognized the humanitarian work that she had done. The court also barred her from working with children for five years after her release date. She was also barred from taking care of the children of her neighbors.

Problem of Child Trafficking

At the trial, the judge said that it was not her intent to traffic the children. The judge said that a clear message had to be sent about the problem of child trafficking, which involves children being used as sex slaves. However, Ramohlola insisted that she never sold the children. She said that she only took them in as orphans, and her husband gave her R30000 to help her run an orphanage.

Despite her conviction for child trafficking, Raisibe Ramohlola stands by her innocence. She claims she never sold a child and that she only accepted a donation of R30 000 for the orphanage she was running. She says the money was used to purchase food, send the children to school and pay for clinic fees.

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department

The FBI and Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department have been investigating the case. The prosecution team includes Assistant U.S. Attorney Saima Mohsin and Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section Trial Attorney Kayla Bakshi.

Child Trafficking Organization

Ramohlola was found guilty of child trafficking on August 13, 2017. Her conviction is a major blow for a child trafficking organization. Ramohlola was the manager of the organization and the chief operator of the sex ring. The group had a network of over a dozen sites in America, including Detroit, Washington, D.C., and Toledo, Ohio. The members of the organization exchanged girls and women to make a profit.

Ramohlola’s case is now going to appeal. The decision to overturn her conviction is expected in Targu Mures on December 23. The court has been trying to find witnesses but the witnesses have been less than cooperative. One witness, a driver who took the Roma children to the airport, said he didn’t know the accused but that he didn’t remember much.


Raisibe Ramohlola, popularly known as Mama Jackie, is a South African woman convicted of child trafficking and running an illegal orphanage. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison, five of which were suspended. Ramohlola sold two children for R15 000 each, believing she was adopting them. However, she was convicted of running an illegal orphanage and selling the children. During the trial, she had to prove that she was not a violent criminal but did humanitarian work.

Students’ Tuition Fees

The court heard that Mama Jackie did not pay the tuition fees of her students. In response, Parktown College sued her for not paying her students’ tuition fees. The University of the Western Cape also reported that she and the principal of the Ithuteng Trust school had unresolved financial business.

The trial lasted four days. The judge was impressed with the court’s reasoning and dismissed the “adoptive” parents’ claims. The “adoptive” parents had been desperate to adopt the children. But the children were never given the proper documents, and they eventually became suspicious. The parents struggled to register the children, but were told it was illegal. The children were happy, but they were not legally adopted.

Raisibe Ramohloa, a co-trustee of a childcare centre, has been accused of illegally keeping children for more than four years. Despite being personally informed that she needed to register her centre, she continued to operate despite warnings from the police and other role-players present in her presence not to place children at her centre. When her activities continued unabated, the department obtained an interdict and translated it to her in court. In September of last year, Ramohlola was arrested. When an investigating officer visited her centre, he found four children.

Jacqueline Ramohlola

Raisibe Ramohlole, also known as Mama Jackie, was convicted in 2012 of the crimes of child trafficking and child abuse. Despite this, she firmly maintains that she never sold or traded children. She says the money she gave to the orphanage was used to buy food, transport the children to school, and pay for clinic fees.

In the past few years, Ramohlola had a reputation as being a compassionate caregiver and was known for her work with Aids orphans. However, in 2012, she was caught in the act of child trafficking and was convicted of selling two children to unsuspecting parents for R15 000 each. The couple, who had no previous experience with adoption or child care, had contacted Mama Jackie after reading about her in the newspaper.

Final Words:

Raisibe Ramohlola, known as Mama Jackie, was convicted of theft, assault, and child kidnapping. The childless couple had been paying her for a legitimate adoption of their child, but when they could not get the legal documents from the vendor, they went to the magistrate court for help.

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