September 29, 2023
Sergio Giuseppe Ripa

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa was born on July 25, 1998, and was adopted by his mother. He was born into a family of labor unionists and bus drivers. His maternal grandfather was a labor union president. Sergio was born into a coma after his mother was in a car accident, which broke her pelvis and multiple other bones. He was in a coma for four weeks before he was able to wake up.

Linda Ripa

The actress Linda Ripa has a son, Sergio Giuseppe Ripa. He was born on September 8, 1999. The baby was born prematurely because his mother was hit by a drunk driver while she was seven months pregnant. The accident left Linda Ripa with multiple broken bones and a fractured pelvis. The crash also pushed her unborn child into her uterus. In addition to the injuries, the baby went into a coma while he was still inside her.

Linda Ripa is active on Twitter as @LindaRipa1. Her other social media profiles are not active. However, her son Sergio Giuseppe Ripa is active on Instagram. His account features pictures of himself performing. His followers number 4,555. Ripa’s wife Kelly Ripa is also active on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her husband and kids.


Sergio Giuseppe Ripa was born on September 8, 1999. His parents, Ripa and Linda, were both in a car accident while driving around Northeast Philadelphia. The driver was drunk and struck Ripa’s car, crushing several of her bones, including her pelvis. She remained in a coma for about four weeks. As a result, the baby was born seven weeks premature.

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa was born in the United States. He is the son of Linda Ripa, an author of a book called The Ladybug Blue. His mother, Linda, is the older sister of Kelly Ripa, a television host and dancer. His parents met while Linda was eight months pregnant and met her future wife. The accident caused Linda to break several bones, including her pelvis. Despite undergoing surgeries, she eventually gave birth to Sergio after four weeks in a coma.


As the son of Linda Ripa, Sergio Guiseppe Ripa has had an eventful career. He was born seven weeks early, and his mother had to undergo a major operation to deliver him. He was placed in a coma for the first two weeks of his life, and was subsequently released from the hospital after four weeks. As a result, he was born premature, and his mother had to undergo leg surgery.

The incident occurred as Ripa and his pregnant wife were driving around Northeast Philadelphia. They were doing errands when an erratically-driven minivan crashed into the car. Ripa suffered numerous crushed bones, and her pelvis was fractured. Her unborn child was also injured in the accident, and she was put into a coma for several weeks.

Relationship with a Cop

Sergio-Giuseppe Ripa was born on September 8, 1999 to Linda Ripa and a police officer. The name of the police officer has not been made public. Ripa was seven months pregnant when she was involved in a traffic accident and broke her pelvis. She was in a coma for four weeks before giving birth to her son.

Sergio Ripa has no public social media accounts, and his mother is estimated to be worth $10 million US dollars. His aunt, who is also a celebrity, is worth an estimated $120 million US dollars. Sergio Ripa has not disclosed any details about his love life. He hasn’t spoken about his personal life on Instagram, and has not posted any pictures of his life on there.

Instagram Account

Sergio Guiseppe Ripa is an American celebrity. He was born in Camden, New Jersey on September 8, 1999. Ripa is the son of Linda Ripa, a children’s book author, and his sister, Kelly Ripa, an actress and TV host. Sergio is also a guitarist.

Ripa’s Instagram account has been flooded with pictures and throwbacks of Sergio, who turned 21 on Tuesday. Ripa posted several throwback videos and photos of Sergio and his family, including the birth. Ripa was even pictured holding his nephew Sergio, who was then a baby.

Final Words:

Ripa’s family is in the news these days. Sergio’s mother was in a car accident and had to undergo major leg surgery. However, she chose not to be put under anaesthetics. Ripa’s mother is estimated to be worth $10 million US dollars, while his aunt is worth over $120 million US dollars. Sergio Ripa has not addressed his private life on his Instagram account, so it is most likely that he is single.

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