March 28, 2023

In the woodworking industry, woodturning is a crucial part. Many everyday things are processed by cnc wood lathes, such as stair columns, wooden bowls, wooden cups, baseball bats, and simple-style furniture legs. For turning different wood projects, other wood lathes are needed. If you are interested in knowing which wood lathe is suitable for your turning work, please click this article to learn more.

Here we mainly talk about the cnc wood lathe only suitable for baseball bats turning.

First, let’s talk about baseball bats’ features. The raw material of baseball bats is rectangular wood blanks. Also, the handle position of the baseball bat is very thin for easy grip.

Initially, we used our general-purpose cnc wood lathe, and some friends used a mini cnc wood lathe to do baseball bat turning work. But through constant testing and customer feedback, we find out that because the handle part of the baseball bat is too thin and long, so during the high-speed turning process, especially arrive at the endpoint, the bat always wobbles strongly. This will probably cause a cut failure.

To deal with these problems, EagleTec CNC’s technical department designs a wood lathe for baseball bat fabrication. It’s the ET-TL1530PRO.

Compared to the previous basic wood lathe, ET-TL1530PRO is more suitable for baseball bat production. It has the following salient features:

• It comes with a power saw head instead of carbide cutters. The power saw head ensures the smoothness of the turning surface with a high rotation speed of 3000 rpm. At the same time, the lathe spindle only needs to rotate at a relatively low rate, which ensures that every part of the cut can be reached. And the bats will not wobble violently under the low-speed rotation when turning the handles.

• Compared with V-style carbide cutters, the saw blade is vertical. This gives the lathe more ability to do deeper angles.

• Since it avoids wobbles, the feed rate of the lathe can be faster. This reduces the whole circle time.

The only downside of this machine is that it is only suitable for baseball bat production. It is not a good fit to turn other wood projects. So if you are a professional baseball bats manufacturer, the EagleTec new cnc wood lathe is your perfect fit.

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