June 8, 2023

Create the name of your company using the Turbologo name generator. Naming is the process of developing the name of a company, product or service. Naming is an important and integral part of branding and acts as an important element of the company’s marketing strategy. A good name for a company can help you stand out from competitors in the market, and it’s easy for your customers to remember you.

A well-remembered and interesting name may also become a reason for free advertising in the future (if people often talk and remember about your brand)

How to prepare for naming

  • Study the audience. First of all, remember – the name of your company should cause only positive emotions among your potential customers. Choose a name that matches the life values of your target audience. What will be clear and understandable to teenagers will be completely alien to people of the older age group. So communicate with customers only in their language. Don’t forget about it.
  • Look at the competitors. It is enough for the owner of an online store to search the Internet for the names of companies in their field in order to catch the trend and not repeat. Before opening an offline business, it makes sense to read the signs of neighbors.
  • Avoid uncertainty. The sound of your brand should correspond to your field of activity. Make a list of words that are most commonly used in your industry and characterize it. Looking at the list of popular words, it will be easier for you to come up with a suitable name.

Ways to come up with a company name

The first stage of naming any business is brainstorming. Your task is to pick up as many associations related to companies as possible. You can write them out in any order. They can be associated with different directions: 

  1. Foreign languages. Ancient or modern languages are a great way to create a unique name. So, Volvo comes from the Latin “volvere” (“I’m rolling”), and Xerox — from the Greek phrase “dry letter”.
  2. Abbreviation. Usually used for complex names: BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke — Bavarian engine—building plant), FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino – Italian automobile plant Turina).
  3. Online name generator. Turbologo service offers effective tools for selecting a name for your company. No design skills are required to use the site. The platform is fully adapted for ordinary users. To create a name, you need to choose the field of activity and the desired number of parts of the word. You can continue the process indefinitely until you find an option that will satisfy you. And after you have decided on the name, it is important to check whether it is occupied by someone else.
  4. Literature, cinema, mythology. Starbucks took as a basis the name of a character from the novel “Moby Dick” (the maritime theme echoed with the birthplace of the brand — the port city of Seattle). And the name Yahoo, according to one version, appeared thanks to the novel “Gulliver’s Travels”, where it meant strange, uncouth-looking people.
  5. Geographical name. If you start a business in a small town, chances are that no one has turned it into a brand yet. And if you are a resident of a megalopolis and even the surrounding glades have dispersed to the names of companies, expand the scale of searches on the map. Get inspired by your favorite vacation spot or the river near which you rented your first office. The village where they spent their childhood, or a sonorous name that evokes the right associations.


The brand name is chosen once and for all. No startup is immune from the crisis associated with the self-determination of its place in the industry. As a result, companies often change the product range, marketing tools used, strategy and other key aspects of the business. You can change the branding, logo, or approach, but not the name. Such a step will be perceived negatively. Therefore, the brand name you have chosen should not only meet all of the above requirements, but also please you personally.

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