September 29, 2023

Working as a physician is incredibly satisfying, and the often massive paychecks physicians tend to take home make the job that much more attractive. Whether you’re a working physician or are just now beginning to apply for stellar physician jobs, you must understand all the resources available to you. To help you out, here are six medical education and hiring resources that every physician should know about:

1. The Medicus Firm

The demand for quality physician candidates has surged over the last decade. Because medical practices are looking for physicians in an almost desperate fashion, physicians have more flexibility when it comes to choosing who to work for. This newfound power also increases the ability of physician candidates to bargain for valuable payment and benefits packages. By using The Medicus Firm, you can access the largest database of open physician jobs out there, and find your dream physician job in no time.

2. The Journal Club

All medical professionals are expected to stay on top of published academic research that affects their field of medicine. Because physicians are often dealing with such a wide array of medical treatments, they are expected to go above and beyond when it comes to staying up-to-date with medical research and cutting-edge treatments. The Journal Club makes staying informed easier than ever, as it’s the most well-designed and useful medical journal citation app out there. Alongside listing important new articles, The Journal Club app can distill the information in each article into bite-sized, previewable bits – allowing you to get a wider perspective on the important research being done in the medical industry at any given time.

3. The Well-Being Index

Emotional and professional burnout is one of the most prominent issues physicians face. Because the job is so demanding, and because you’re constantly expected to learn on the job, it can become easy to feel completely overwhelmed by your responsibilities. With this in mind, it’s crucial that all physicians regularly check up on their mental health, and that they treat themselves to mental health maintenance frequently. With the Well-Being Index, you can do so in an easy-to-use, web-based diagnostic tool. The app both provides mental health analysis and treatment recommendations and resources. The Well-Being Index was created by the Mayo Clinic and has done wonders for boosting the mental health of physicians around the country.

4. Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program

The Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program, also known as MKSAP, was developed by the American College of Physicians and has become an invaluable tool for physicians looking to perfect their medical know-how. The MKSAP assesses both your current knowledge in different areas of medicine and helps you sharpen your problem-solving skills. This combination is incredibly unique and has ensured that the MKSAP is the go-to app for physicians looking to stay on top of their jobs. The tool has helped millions of physicians provide stellar care to their patients over the years since it was launched.

5. Epocrates

Nearly every profession is now using apps to streamline and perfect their work tasks. For physicians, the fantastic mobile diagnostic tools you can access using Epocrates have proven to be a huge game changer. Over one million healthcare professionals use Epocrates every day to help them during the diagnostic process. Epocrates makes it simple to review drug information, assess potential drug interactions, peruse evidence-based patient guidelines, communicate with other medical professionals, and access disease information related to your patient’s needs. Because the user base on Epocrates is so massive, it is likely to become a staple of the entire medical industry if it continues to build upon its already impressive successes.

6. Doximity

Doximity is the primary social network for physicians. It’s a fantastic tool for connecting with like-minded peers and has helped boost the mental health of physicians around the nation. With nearly a million users and a fantastically designed UI, Doximity allows physicians to stay on top of all the latest news in their field. For physicians that enjoy taking part in larger studies, Doximity provides an especially useful resource. The sheer versatility of Doximity, and its highly unique nature, have ensured that most physicians at least have a profile (and many of them are actually active users).

Kickstart Your Career

Each of these six resources can help you kickstart your physician career. For already-working physicians, there are still endless benefits to be had by joining and using these six amazing resources. Thanks to the hyper-connectivity of the digital age, physicians can perfect their skill sets more impressively than ever before.

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